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Month: December 2021
Urgent Visa Cancellation

Requirements For Urgent Visa Cancellation

The process of cancelling your UAE resident visa is pretty simple. The process of cancelling a visa in the United Arab Emirates is simpler than applying for a resident visa. However, it is critical to obtain a formal Resident visa cancellation and ensure that the cancellation has been updated in the immigration system. Examine this […]

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7 Most Popular Typical Jakarta Souvenirs

In Jakarta, you can find a variety of interesting tours, from historic to modern. After being satisfied traveling around Jakarta, of course, it will not be legal if you don’t hunt for some special souvenirs that are very delicious to bring back home In addition to storing lots of interesting tourist attractions, Jakarta also has […]

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7 Most Recommended Beach in Batam Indonesia

Batam is well-known as an industrial and economic city as well as tax-free imports of goods. You can find a shopping center and you can buy almost anything here. To increase tourism, the city of Batam is improving itself so that it is not just a paradise for cheap-quality goods, but also its Various natural attractions have begun to […]

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