Saturday, 30 Sep 2023

A Quick Guide to Clean Dust from your PC without Compressed Air

PCs have fans for keeping themselves cool, but the downside is that these fans can also suck in a substantial amount of dust. When dust accumulates inside the PC, it can affect its performance, which means you have to clean it regularly. The best thing to clean a PC is with compressed air. The problem is that compressed air is hard to come by and expensive. Plus, you need a lot of it for getting rid of the dirt and dust. Therefore, it is not surprising that people look for other options.

Of course, you cannot go without cleaning your PC because it is part of essential maintenance that keeps your machine running optimally. If you want to clean dust from PC without compressed air, there are several alternatives you can explore. These include:

  • Use a small brush. It does the same job as compressed air and the only difference is that you have to go further inside the PC than you have ever done before.
  • A dust blower is another option to check out, which is a hand-held device that can be used easily. It has a little rubber bulb that comes with a nozzle. When you squeeze the bulb, a burst of air will come out. It is similar to compressed air and is without the price tags.
  • Hurricane canless air is another nifty little device you can use. Just plug it into a wall socket and it will turn a turbine that produces jets of 240 mph wind.
  • A hairdryer is a good option to use and convenient as well. The only thing to remember is that it blows hot air, so you should keep it at a distance. Also, take breaks while using a hairdryer, as this ensures that none of the plastic parts melt.