Friday, 15 Nov 2019

Car Air Conditioning Repair Options for You

A car should of course be as comfortable as possible for the occupants. Over the years, manufacturers have always met the needs of car owners and have therefore introduced many accessories that have certainly increased driving pleasure. Just think of electrically operated windows and power steering. But perhaps the most important accessory that was introduced was the car air conditioning. Unfortunately, this is often one of the most expensive options available for a car. Logical, because a car air conditioning installation contains many components and therefore requires regular maintenance. Primary for optimum functioning of the installation is of course the special air conditioning gas.

This is sent through the system by means of the compressor under high pressure, whereby it extracts heat from the inside (interior) of the car and then releases it to the outside air in the condenser. This process is repeated again and again and therefore keeps the air cool. Because the gas is under high pressure, it will also be able to escape easily when there are leaks in the system. The gas filling should therefore not be done as long as it is not exactly known where the gas escapes. With the aircon servicing singapore The solutions come easy now.

Where can the spills occur?

As mentioned earlier, there are many components within the cooling system of the car. To make it all gas-tight, there are a lot of gaskets within the system to prevent gas from leaking, especially with couplings. It is very important that all these gaskets and other (rubber) components will not dry out. It is therefore advisable to also regularly switch on the air conditioning system in order to allow the gas to circulate through all components.

Why do you wonder?

In addition to the gas, the installation also contains special lubrication. This circulates through the system together with the gas and ensures that the crucial components do not dry out. If the air conditioning has not been in use for a long time, it can lead to dehydration which can cause leaks. These will initially go very slowly, with the cooling capacity not noticeably deteriorating.

For an installation that is completely drained, it is therefore also important that, in addition to the air conditioning topping up, it must also be checked whether there is sufficient lubrication present.

Fortunately, the entire installation does not have to be thrown loose in the event of leaks. It is possible to immediately see where the leak is with a special colorant. The dye is injected into the system after which the air conditioning is switched on. Over time, it will become clear where the leak is located by looking out for the special color. Of course this method only works for an installation where there is still gas and there is still pressure within the system. In systems where there is very little gas, the electronics switch off the compressor to prevent it from being damaged. Testing via the above method is then no longer possible. An attempt is then made to re-fill gas and to put the system under pressure.

Air conditioning topping must therefore always be done professionally

The car air-conditioning system is very expensive and must be handled with care. Just refilling some gas quickly without properly investigating the installation for leaks therefore makes little sense and will nevertheless lead to a malfunctioning air conditioner. Moreover, there is a chance that damage may occur.

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