Friday, 15 Nov 2019

Choosing the Perfect Options in Interior Design

At your place, it’s a unique place. You must feel good and your guests too! To obtain a successful interior decoration, every detail counts.

From the smell that emanates from a room to the comfort of a bed just by looking at it, a multitude of little things can bring a warm and cozy side to the interior decoration of your home or apartment, and help reflect your personality and that of your family. Here are some ideas to easily create a warm and relaxing interior d├ęcor. The Swiss Interior Design service can really help you out.

Make the entrance welcoming

Your front door sets the tone of the decor: after all, it’s the first thing you see when you arrive! Choose a warm color or darker but chic, and do not let the dirt spoil all your efforts: regularly get rid of dust and cobwebs with a multipurpose cleaner, for example. Have lavender or jasmine near the front door: it’s an easy way to create a welcoming fragrance for your guests, and what’s more, it’s a pretty decoration.

The photos: a classic of interior design

In the digital age, we take pictures all the time, but finally we rarely watch them, and we show them even less often! But a warm and friendly interior design, it also passes through visuals full of life, beautiful images! Take the time to browse your archives; all these pictures of holidays, family reunions or evenings. You will find plenty of pictures to decorate your home, to fix on the fridge, to frame on the walls of the living room or the bedroom. It’s aesthetic, and it’s also a way to awaken beautiful memories.

Customize your furniture

Furniture and decorative objects is part of what gives character to your interior. Feel free to mix vintage items with more modern purchases, to create a unique and personal atmosphere, which skillfully connects past and present.

Perfume your interior

You can put a lot of effort into the interior design of your home orapartment, they could be ruined by a stale smell! Pleasant perfumes, it’s soothing and it makes your interior warm and welcoming. You can use a refreshing spray or scented candles, and voila!

Treat the textures

Sheets in which one dreams to slip; sofas that make you want to curl up; armchairs where one sees oneself already reading peacefully: a warm interior decoration, that also passes by all these sensations! How to provoke them? By choosing pretty duvets; beautiful sofa tops; soft cushions and washing the sheets regularly, of course.

Light up your interior

Lighting is essential to create a cozy and warm atmosphere. If you develop a beautiful interior decoration but the light does not highlight, your efforts will not fully bear fruit. If possible, get dimmer switches so you can adjust the brightness level by season and time of day. Also think about bulbs: incandescent bulbs emit a warmer light than LED bulbs, while daylight bulbs emit a harder blue light. Light bulbs with a temperature of 2700 Kelvin (or less) guarantee a warm and soft glow.

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