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Finer Choices for the Air Conditioning Options

Every year a small part of the refrigerant evaporates in the air conditioning. If you want to keep the cooling capacity and lubrication of essential parts optimal, this refrigerant must be supplemented periodically.

The company can perform various air conditioning checks for you. This varies from a relatively simple check to a complete air-conditioning service. From LK Brothers Aircon you can have the smartest option

What does the air conditioning do?

An air conditioner conditions the air in a car. This is mainly done by removing moisture from the car. In the summer, this ensures that the car is cooled and that a pleasant climate is created. In the colder seasons, misted windows are quickly demisted, giving you optimum visibility. What not everyone knows is that an air conditioner is equipped with a dust and pollen filter. This filters dust particles, exhaust gases and pollen from the air. An extremely pleasant side effect when there is hay fever.

  • Tips for efficient and environmentally conscious use of your car air conditioning.
  • Arrange periodic checks.

Include the maintenance of your car air conditioning and the interim checks in the periodic maintenance checks. Have the air conditioner checked at least once a year.

Switch on the air conditioning for 10 minutes once a week

Switch the car air conditioning on for 10 minutes at least once a week. This prevents leaks from drying out of gaskets and seals and prevents unpleasant odor from condensation, bacteria and mold formation in the system.

Switch off the air conditioning before the engine goes out

Switch off the installation 10 minutes before switching off the engine. This prevents condensation in the installation and therefore the risk of mold and therefore unpleasant odors.

Clean the air conditioning

If the air conditioner still smells unpleasant, the air conditioner is probably moldy. Then have it cleaned.

Avoid blocking your air conditioning

Keep the air inlets free from leaves and dirt. This prevents clogging of the system.

Switch off the air conditioning when there is extra consumption

Air conditioners use fuel and engine power costs. So beware of the use. If your car has to work hard (caravan or mountains), switch off the air conditioning. The power is needed hard enough.

A car air conditioner consists of a compressor, an evaporator, a condenser, a dry filter and coolant. The compressor, which is driven by the engine, pressurizes the coolant (in gas form), after which it becomes liquid again after cooling in the condenser. In the liquid state it is filtered in the dry filter and after relaxation we get a sudden drop in temperature in the evaporator. The air that comes through the evaporator is cooled and dehumidified in this way (just like with a refrigerator).

Why Does Midas Recommend A Check?

Most air conditioners work without problems for the first three years. Nevertheless, the best climate in your car requires regular maintenance of the air conditioner. The drying filter must be replaced every 4 years. This not only saves on fuel costs, but also prevents compressor damage due to blockage, lack of lubrication or leaked coolant (around 10% per year). Moreover, a poorly functioning air conditioner is very unhealthy. When bacteria, spores, fungi and unpleasant odors spread through the ventilation grilles, this can cause allergic reactions.

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