Tuesday, 27 Feb 2024

How To Decide When To Start A Relationship

Every relationship has a story to tell on how it got started! But we should not forget that there are various relationships that failed miserably even before they could get started because of the wrong approach! At the same time, there are relationships that started on a wrong note but flourished like a blooming flower in the later stages of life! While the topic of “relationships” is a complicated one to understand, we can definitely choose to imply some intelligence and wit in deciding on “when to start a relationship”.

Now the first and the clear answer is- you must start a relationship when you feel that the other person is ready for it and he or she reciprocates your feeling of liking and attraction. There can be no happy relationship that is forced on one of the partners due to pressure or situations.

So, well when we start with our relationship wisdom acquisition, it is important to know that ‘how to tell if someone likes you’. While starting off a new relationship we must understand that we need to look for those initial signs that can confirm that the other person is equally interested in you. if you have been friends for years and now you feel that there is a time to shoulder the responsibilities of life together, then it’s important to read those signs someone likes you.

Here is some literature on these signs that will help you clarifying your situation in a better way:

  • Maintaining eye contact: if you find that the person is always trying to maintain healthy eye contact with you then the person might be genuinely interested in you. They may always try to keep a watch on your actions, attributes, likings, and disliking. So it is the first step in clarifying the situation on “how do you know if someone likes you”. If you get affirmative signals on this sign then it is the time to proceed to other signs.
  • Trying to mirror: Usually, when we are impressed with someone, we try to imbibe their traits, habits, and acts in our lives too. At the start of relationships, it is seen that the couples usually adopt the way of speaking of each other. So if you find the other person flickering their hair like you quite often or maybe standing and patting their leg like you- read the sign to another positive signal.
  • Toes pointing towards you: In relationships of attraction and liking, people tend to give space to the other person in their lives. This can be seen when you are standing in a group with the other person and find their toes towards you. It means they have decided to accommodate you in their space and thus, you get a green signal for entering in their life.

These are some tried and tested signals to understand the art of “how to know if someone likes you”. There can be various other signs of body language to affirm these signals. But one thing is sure about these signs that you can think of starting your relationship on this positive note!