Saturday, 30 Sep 2023

Why Use the AES Integrated Platform to Receive the ITN Number?

The import and export of goods into the Canadian territories involve a lot many processes and protocols. One needs to be compliant with the process, and only then can they expect quick clearance of the shipments. To solve the majority of the issues arising in this process, one prefers to use the Automated Export Systems (AES), where it is possible to receive instant feedback, transaction information, or edit the information flexibly. In short, this platform helps you to stay compliant all throughout. 

Besides this, there are certain other benefits that one can receive through this.

Reliable export compliance

When you are shipping the goods to some other countries, worrying about the paperwork should be the last thing on your mind. By filing through the AES, you can feed your information directly with the federal government or any other international database easily. AES aims to reduce the barriers for businesses taking place in domestic operations. 

  • The data is processed here rapidly. Hence, compliance managers can change their requests at any time.
  • Upon filing with the AES, operating on a global scale has become easier. Businesses can utilize the benefits that are offered to them.

Make report alterations easily

When you are changing your export reports, just filing in the updated reports will not help you. You need to be on a platform that will interface with the AES systems of the governmental bodies and check all the information that is provided. 

Reduce costs and expedite shipping

Shipping costs become extremely cheaper when the waiting time is reduced, small data is required to enter, or data is filed rapidly. All of this is possible today due to the presence of the AES platform. One would require to file to EEI only if the value of the goods is above $2500. Besides lowering the shipping costs, the process has been optimized and sped up massively.

  • There are very few needs for paper-to-electronic or vice-versa changeovers in the AES platform.
  • Change management is an important aspect of the platform. Forms can be easily re-uploaded, resubmitted, reanalyzed, and reapproved.
  • As soon as the request is placed in the AES, the transaction will be provided with an ITN number. This number will propagate soon throughout the system to its associated partner systems.

Since the ITN number holds a lot of significance, using the AES can help you achieve it at the earliest.