Saturday, 30 Sep 2023

5 Practical Ways to Enhance Your Public-Speaking Skills

There are a lot of times when exceptional public speaking skills can help you out with advancing your career and create new opportunities even if you do not speak in public often. There may be events where you might have to talk about your company or association in front of an audience or deliver a speech after receiving an award etc. In modern times, when you are speaking to a crowd of people say, at online introductions or creating a virtual room, or approaching a bunch of clients in a meeting online.

Great public speaking skills are not something that you can benefit from only professionally but are also important and come in handy in different stages of life. Say, you are asked to deliver a speech about a friend on his birthday or wedding or address a gathering of people at an event. 

There are many more instances where having good public skills can benefit you largely and open a whole new world of opportunities. So, here are 5 practical ways to enhance your public speaking skills.


Preparing for a speech is the most important task. A speech should progress naturally yet truthfully and should be a compelling one too. You can make a more compelling speech by adding stories and props like images to it. If you can watch other successful speakers talk about whether live or in a recording. This can act as a source of motivation, inspiration, and knowledge as well. The moment you feel that your speech is completely prepared, practice delivering your speech at a high and confident volume, to the point you feel that you can smoothly deliver your speech. Karen Mccleave GTA, an Assistant Crown Attorney who appeared in the Ontario and Superior Courts of Justice, has made many public speeches and feels that preparations should be optimum. Karen Mccleave Crown Attorney has over 30 years of experience handling cases of domestic assault, sexual and child abuse, complex frauds, and murder.

Strengthen the Positives:

As a public speaker, you should be able to combine your positives and negatives. Keep in mind to not try to be someone who you are not and change yourself. You might specialize in knowing where to be funny or maybe you are a good storyteller or you seamlessly simplify complex ideas.

Know the Audience:

The audience is the most important part of the speech you deliver. You need to have a bond with the audience and know what they want to hear, what do they expect from you. What they ask, request, and demand, you need to provide. It is up to you to motivate your audience to listen to what you are saying. While you are at the introductory stage of your speech, that is the chance for you to connect with your audience and understand them. This is the time where you should focus on conveying your message in the speech.

Connect With Your Persona:

Regardless of your point of view, public speaking is a demonstration. Even if you aren’t a good actor, what matters is that you should be able to connect with your on-stage persona, better known as the dramatic persona. During your performance, connecting with your dramatic persona can lead you to discover an exciting piece of yourself that you had no idea of. This can be an experience that can be liberating and exciting as opposed to a heap of nervousness and fear.

Settle in the Atmosphere:

One of the habits of good performers is to have a look at the venue where they are supposed to deliver or perform beforehand. When the day comes up, you will have a confident yet secure feeling. One more way to settle in the atmosphere is to call in a couple of motivating friends or relatives as a part of the audience, they will act as sources of self-empowerment right from the start. One thing that you need to know is that you might get so engrossed in your delivery that you might simply not notice them.