Monday, 25 Sep 2023

7 Most Recommended Beach in Batam Indonesia

Batam is well-known as an industrial and economic city as well as tax-free imports of goods. You can find a shopping center and you can buy almost anything here. To increase tourism, the city of Batam is improving itself so that it is not just a paradise for cheap-quality goods, but also its Various natural attractions have begun to be reintroduced.

The geographical condition of the islands is favorable for Batam to develop coastal tourism. Many islands around Batam give this area the potential to attract visitors interested in white sand beaches and calm waves. The following usa national parks are recommendations for the seven best beaches in Batam

  • Nongsa Beach

A visit to Batam is not complete without a stop at Nongsa Beach. If you ask what the famous beach in Batam is, one of the answers often comes up is Nongsa Beach. This place is very famous so you will not have any trouble finding it.

Nongsa Beach offers the beauty of the sea and nature. Breezy winds and calm waves are the main attraction of this beach. If you want to do water sports, the beach management provides some of these facilities. One of the other attractions is the direct view of Singapore because the beach is very close to the country.

  • Marina Beach

If you want a beach with privacy and a calm atmosphere, the choice falls to the Marina resort and its beaches. This resort has complete access because it was built specifically for tourists who want to spend the night there.

Marina beach offers natural beauty and environmental cleanliness. You won’t find any trash, so you should also keep it clean. In addition, this beach also has a beautiful panorama at sunset and sunrise accompanied by charming white sand.

  • Sekilak Beach

Although Batam has many beaches, this will not make you feel ordinary when visiting it. Especially when visiting Sekilak Beach. This beach is still the choice of tourists when they want to find a comfortable beach atmosphere. In addition to its easy-to-reach location, Sekilak Beach also has a beautiful environment thanks to the support of its white sand. This sand is also quite comfortable when you walk it barefoot. Another plus is that accommodation such as places to eat and lodging are readily available. Visitors can choose lodging that is close to the beach.

  • Melur Beach

The next beach in Batam, Riau Islands is no less famous is Melur Beach. The beach area has a calm and beautiful environment. On holidays, you will see a lot of people on this beach. However, this does not reduce the charm of Melur Beach. You can just walk along the white sandy beach while waiting for the sunset to complete your day.

  • Tanjung Pinggir Beach

Batam is famous for its location close to Singapore. So many Singaporeans spent their vacation in Batam for its beaches. One of these places is Tanjung Pinggir Beach which is located very close to Singapore — even though you can see the country firsthand. Also, it becomes more interesting when the night comes.

This beach location is in a very strategic area. The accommodation here has changed a lot in order to support the increase of visitors and in order to meet their expectations well. The beach still maintains its beauty with sparkling white sand, so visitors love to walk along on it.

  • Viovio Beach

The next beach recommendation is Viovio Beach. Its unique and attractive name will increase the curiosity of tourists. This beach located on Galang Island is also no less popular. You need to know, this beach often appears and becomes a trending topic so that visitors begin to increase every year. Viovio Beach is renowned for its relaxing atmosphere. You can walk around the beach without worrying about the corals. In addition, this location has also been equipped with various facilities to support both domestic and foreign visitors.

  • Mirota Beach

Only a few beaches have amazing underwater views, especially in Batam. For some visitors, waves and sand are not their main goals. Instead, they want to explore the underwater world. To meet these needs, the right beach is Mirota Beach because it has very clear water.

This beach is also more leafy because of the tall trees around it. The green area makes Mirota Beach very suitable for resting while relaxing. The breeze and the sound of the waves are an added bonus for those of you who need the tranquility of nature.

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