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7 Things That You Need to Experience in Solo

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The eastern edge of Central Java is home to the city of Surakarta, also known as Solo. It’s the twin sister of Yogyakarta, the second heir of the prior Mataram Kingdom and the cultural and artistic extension to the imperial town of Yogyakarta.  Solo is believed to be westernized and touristy with well-preserved traditions. Already at arrival, Solo will greet the visitors with pure beauty and sophistication, boosting arts and ambiance that is remarkable. Royal Palaces dazzling batik markets and exceptional cuisine are the must-experience in Solo that provides an insight into the culture and history of Solo.

Here are 7 things which you must experience on your trip in Solo:

  1. Kasunanan Palace — Solo’s most essential and biggest royal palace, also a place for the residents
  2. Puro Mangkunegoro — the second palace is beautiful, and it has got a museum as well
  3. Radya Pustaka Museum — built by the Dutch from the nineteenth century, it’s the most significant and oldest museum in Java with Javanese library, a collection of traditional puppets and kris
  4. Museum Batik Danar Had & Batik Markets in Pasar Klewer — find more about the conventional fabric art, fabrics, and Javanese batik and pick one of the thousands different colors and patterns
  5. Sriwedari Park — certainly a must-visit in Solo, this Javanese art and culture center offers amazing Wayang Kulit puppet performances shows, theatrical night dance and Superb dining options
  6. Gunung Lawu Volcano (3264 m) — a bit from the city, right at the border with East Java, the region offers one of the favorite hikes in the province (a Complete day hike, accessibility from Cemoro Sewu through Sarangan), the journey attributes ruins of the identifying Sukuh Temple and Cetho Temple
  7. Sangiran Early Man Site — this significant site was recognized by UNESCO World Heritage for its prehistoric fossils and remnants as Well as the skeleton of the “Java Man” — a continuation of the contemporary human

The optimum time to visit Solo:

The dry season usually goes from June till Sept which is also the peak season — temples get incredibly crowded.

Between December and Feb, it rains wholeheartedly and the probability of taking a photograph decrease — nonetheless, it’s more enjoyable to walk around as there’ll be not as many visitors.

Probably the center season (Oct-Nov, March-May might be a Fantastic choice, excluding weekends and also the Indonesian public holidays when the sailors often travel)