Saturday, 30 Sep 2023

A Few Good Reasons To Choose A Staycation In The UK Instead Of Travelling Abroad

We can understand the thrills and the excitement of an exotic holiday on a remote island that would provide you with awesome opportunities to beef up your Instagram and Facebook accounts with wonderful photos. Nevertheless, this year we are all for an UK staycation. We can assure you there are lots of things to see and places to go, so there’s no need for travelling abroad to enjoy beaches, pubs, castles and gardens.

1. The Lovely UK Beaches

Holywell Bay in Cornwall and Barra in Scotland are only two of the magnificent beaches in the UK. You’d need a lifetime to visit them all, so you’d better put together a list of priorities.

2. The Opportunity To Enjoy British Culture Outdoors

The British summer is the perfect season to enjoy watching traditional theatre plays and to listen to classical music at the Battle Proms or in any other outdoor venue offering this type of entertainment. There’s no need for you to go to Greece or Italy to enjoy open air shows and concerts.

3. The Wide Array Of Luxurious Accommodation Options

Should you want an extraordinary experience, you can spend a few nights in a refurbished lighthouse or in a converted railway station. There are many such gorgeous places to stay around the UK and the good news is that they are fairly affordable. There are also remote countryside getaways, for example St Davids Cottages in Pembrokeshire.

4. The Rich History Of The Country

The Tower of London, Windsor Castle, and Stonehenge are only a few examples of historic sites and objectives you can visit during your British staycation. This can be a wonderful opportunity to catch up with some fascinating history lessons.

5. The Amazing Festivals

The UK has Glastonbury for music fans, Hay for book fans, and Edinburgh for theatre fans. There are countless international festivals taking place in different locations across the country, all year round. We’d choose Glastonbury over any snobbish festival in California any day.

6. The Strange, Yet Beautiful Traditions

How would you like to try a dance around the maypole? What about making pancakes on Shrove Tuesday? There are lots of strange British traditions to experience, so why go abroad and miss all the fun? The maypole is waiting for you, people!

7. The Camping

Camping can be a lot more fun and significantly cheaper than taking a trip abroad. In addition, there are several interesting glamping opportunities in the UK, so you don’t need to give up your comfort to spend some quality time outdoors.

8. The British Pubs

Who wouldn’t like to have a beer at John Lennon’s old pub in Liverpool or to spend some time at Crocker’s Folly? You can enjoy a traditional pub lunch or simply grab a beer and have a chat with your friends.

9. The Retreats

You don’t need to stay at home and chat with your neighbours on your staycation. You can book a short stay in one of the many luxurious spa resorts across the UK. Why not get a good massage to help your muscles relax and your mind unwind?

10. The Wonderful Inner-City Treats

The hills, the forests and the beaches are stunningly beautiful, but they aren’t the only opportunities to enjoy a rewarding UK staycation. London is home to many exquisite buildings such as museums, gardens, and old pubs.

11. The Scenic Walks

Snowdonia in North Wales is one of the best places to enjoy a long and relaxing walk. Northumberland is nothing short of amazing either, so why leave when you can take advantage of all these wonders?

12. The Great Food

You can try the traditional fish and chips at Whitby’s Quayside, but also exotic choices and any other type of cuisine you may like. Multicultural takeaways are here for you.

13. The Adventure

Scotland is a paradise of ski lovers. Plymouth is the ideal destination for scuba divers. Devon can be the perfect place to test your skydiving skills. Spending your holidays in the UK doesn’t mean you must sit, drink tea, and be polite all day long.