Friday, 14 Jun 2024

Applications of Mathematics in Different Industries

The subjects we learn in our data science training have their own applications in real life. Maths is a subject, which has its applications in almost all areas such as technology, construction, agriculture, medicine, robotics, gaming, business, astrology, etc. Even in subjects such as Science and Commerce, we have used the fundamentals of Maths. The basic topics covered in Maths are Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, Probability, Calculus, Number theory and Graph Theory.

Statistics is a huge topic which is used in the field of business. The estimation of profit and loss based on the collection of data is defined by statistics. The statistical accuracy for a large data is measured by standard error formula. Whereas, the probability is an interlinked topic which is used to do predictions for the future. For example, the weather forecasting team used probability to predict the weather. It also helps in business analysis.

Algebra is another major topic which is used often. The search engines use linear algebra to find the most beneficial websites and present them at the top. The search engine renders all pages on the internet in a huge matrix. The matrix comprehends how the different websites are linked, and by using linear algebra, probability, and graph theory the most popular sites could be found.

Calculus is a major topic which students tend to learn in their higher classes such as in Class 11 and Class 12. This concept helps to find the area of a region on a large scale, which could not be determined by simple formulas of areas but is possible with integration. Whereas the derivative has its own different applications like finding the rate of change of quantity with respect to another.

The topic Geometry helps to distinguish between various shapes present in the world, such as sphere, cube, square, pentagon, etc. It has huge applications in satellite navigation, surveying, representing the map of the earth, computer games, etc. There are many other concepts under this topic such as trigonometry, angle bisector, etc. which are used for the construction of buildings or big towers.