Wednesday, 28 Feb 2024


Becoming a professional airplane pilot requires varying degrees of certification and flight training. The intending aircraft flyer is expected to earn these before he/she becomes employable. Requirements and step-by-step details of the journey to this lucrative career option are fully provided for by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Fortunately, FAA requirements provide ample room for learning certain aspects of the course through Online Pilot Training. This rather flexible option has been efficiently leveraged by FAA-approved colleges and universities to open up an avalanche of hitherto unavailable opportunities for would-be pilots to achieve their dreams. An important benefit of choosing an FAA-approved institution is that in addition to normal course work, these institutions usually include pilot training in their aviation program. Students are thus afforded the added luxury of enjoying a wide variety of training aids, dedicated flight facilities, and flight hours schedules.

THE STEPS: As an industry renowned for its very high standards, intending professional pilots – private and commercial, are expected to fulfill all requirements and go through all the steps mandated by the FAA to ensure holistic preparedness to safely fly the skies. Following is a recap of the most important of these steps: Earn an FAA-approved Bachelor’s degree – this is mandatory for candidates who desire to fly commercial airlines. Obtain a private pilot license – with this certification, one is legally allowed to fly a small aircraft on his own. Acquire instrument rating – flying a plane requires proficiency in reading and using instruments. Having this certification is critical to the efficient handling of sophisticated aeronautical instruments and interaction with air traffic controls. Get a flight instructor certificate – this is a recommended way to accumulate flight hours and garner the experience needed for employment. Earn an airline transport pilot certification – this highest license given by the FAA requires a minimum of 1500 hours of flying experience and follows very stringent procedures, etc. Fortunately, there are Online Pilot Training options to meet up with some of these requirements.

Want to begin the journey to becoming a professional pilot today? You can start with one of the numerous Online Pilot Training programs on the web. The first thing is to access the course content to make sure it meets your needs. The next move is to make sure the chosen content meets statutory requirements and is approved. The final step is to mount the content on a Learning Management System – and boom, you are on the journey to achieving your flying dreams.