Wednesday, 28 Feb 2024

Facts About the e-cig that you Need to Read On

There has been rapid development of technology in every aspect of life. This has led to the fast development of things that you could not have thought that they could have changed. For instance, for so many decades, the population that is involved actively with the smoking has been growing very fast. This has seen the industries producing cigars produce a mass of the cigars because of an increased demand. For this reason, the professionals have made the smoking move to the next level that it wasn’t before. This is the reason why the discovery of the e-cig is a reality. This article will therefore highlight the differences between the traditional and this modern cigar. The electronic cigar takes the exact shape of the traditional cigar. The difference lies on the facts that they both depend on different mechanisms for them to work. Whereas the traditional ones rely on the traditional means or technology, the modern one has a number of components that work together to make the device perform as it is supposed to perform. The following are a number of reasons why the electronic cigar is so different from the traditional cigar. Such components are as follows;

  • Heating element
  • Electronic liquid
  • Sensor

Heating element

Unlike the traditional cigar that is associated with cheap technology, the e-cigar is associated with a complex process that makes the device function. With the traditional one, you need to light up the cigar manually so as it can start burning. As it burns, it will be able to produce the smoke that the smoker needs to inhale as such smoke will be containing the nicotine which is an addictive chemical. On the other hand, the e-cig relies on the special heater that is fitted in the device. This heater is meant to boil up the liquid so as the vapor can be produced. If the liquid is extracted from the tobacco, you can then expect to inhale the steam that contains the nicotine.

Electronic liquid

The device contains a special liquid that is supposed to be stored in the reservoir. It is therefore important that the level of the liquid needs to be kept constant. As the level drops, you will need to refill from time to time. There are different varieties of the e-liquids. This means that you will be able to buy the variety of flavor that you love so as you may get the aroma that you really like. This is an important feature that puts these two cigars side by side.


The sensor is fitted in the mouthpiece. Its role is to detect your vaping intention. As you put your mouth close to the mouthpiece, the device will detect this and the sensor will trigger the heater to initiate the heating processes that will vaporize the liquid in the reservoir of the e-cig. The sensor also relies on the power supplied by the battery o the device hence the reason why it is pretty important for the battery’s charge to be checked regularly.