Wednesday, 28 Feb 2024

Feeling the Best of Sensual Massage

To pamper your loved one with a massage, you should use suitable massage oil or massage gel that is also suitable for erotic massages. These usually have a higher fat content and do not penetrate quite as fast into the skin as cosmetic care oils. So you can massage much longer without having to re-oil. This can be important in certain situations. For the sensual massage Brisbane service this is essential.

Massage oils with a warming effect stimulate the blood circulation and make the sensitive zones even more sensitive. This is equally stimulating for both men and women. Alternatively, you can also use flavored oils. These may also be kissed and licked after application. Thus, the erotic massage is also extremely refined with oral game variants. To give the pleasure a special kick, you can also use a massage candle. As the candle burns, the wax becomes liquid massage oil. This can be dripped directly onto your partner’s body and then massaged with it. The heat of this oil is particularly stimulating and has a very special appeal.

When the hands wander gently over the body

The goal of an erotic massage is to slowly build up tension. So you should not jump on your genitals immediately. The whole body should be spoiled and every touch should trigger a tingle at your loved one. It is best to place it on your stomach first; you can put the towels underfoot so as not to soak the bed with oil. Tear tender kisses on his neck, whisper something sensual in his ear, nibble on his earlobe and start to gently massage his neck. He will enjoy every touch of you and surrender to you completely. Slowly massage his back and shoulders. Work your way along his spine and run your fingers along the shoulder blades. Use enough oil to make it slide really well. Massages on dry skin can be uncomfortableso it may be quite a bit more. Just massage him up to the beginning of the pos. Already at this point he will surely hope for more, but you should let him fidget a bit and build up the tension.

From the back to the feet

Dedicate yourself to his feet. Massage his soles and each toe. Caress his instep and heel and slowly work your way up the calves and thighs. Do not forget the inside of the thighs, because this area is a very sensitive erotic zone for many people. As if by chance, you can already touch the testicles here. You will immediately notice how your lover reacts. Now you can also massively massage his butt and knead. This exerts a very special charm on many people. He’ll hope he can finally turn aroundif you think you’ve spoiled his back enough, and then let him lie on his back. And again: do not immediately dedicate to the genitals.

Fondly caress breast and hips

With passionate kisses you can initiate the massage of his front. Now apply the massage oil and tenderly stroking his chest, massage over his ribs and dedicate himself to his hips. Every inch of his body should be considered, so do not mind. Surely he can hardly wait for you to finally massage him at his crucial points. When this time has come, however, only you decide! Let him beg a bitbut be aware that he will make you fidget with a reverse massage as well. That’s what makes this special attraction.