Wednesday, 28 Feb 2024

Here are 2 types of Data Loss and How to Keep Them at Bay

IT is now deemed the most essential component of any business, no matter its nature, scale and scope. And when a teeny bit of user error, a reckless employee or a global security threat takes place, a chain of events happen and the workplace productivity is put to a halt immediately. No one likes to admit their mistakes that may lead to the whole company to go offline when such events take place repeatedly. So, how to tackle with these unexpected events? This article enlists some ways to address the security concerns.

  1. An employee causes a ransomware attack unwittingly

With the outbreaks like ransomware on the rise, businesses of all nature, should definitely be concerned about the frequency and the persistent nature of these cyberattacks. Ransomware can easily occur because of a phishing email and it can further lead to shutting down the entire business and other associated businesses too. As the name suggests, ransomware calls for paying a ransom by the businesses in order to regain their data safely. And when all these events are taking place, the businesses are facing a huge downtime, losing money and customers minute by minute. This can be tackled by enlightening your employees to be wary of such emails and conduct a huge backup of files and folders before such event takes place.

  1. One of the employees accidentally spilled coffee over his laptop during presentation

Any beverage spilled over your laptop can cause immediate damage to the device which also causes loss of any unsaved files. In a highly pressured situation, the uncertainty of gaining your files back moments before your presentation can cause immense panic meaning reckless ways of trying to gain back data. When this user error takes place, integrating files across many devices and using OS like Android and iOS is the key. In this way, if one device is out, another can replace it. Hence, enhanced real time backing up features can reduce the stress of losing important files. Also, you can immediately have access to the latest data stored on your device with no kind of extensive efforts in order to get it back.

Both the cases are proof of downtime, when you back up your data, you help your business to keep running smoothly. Unanticipated downtime is always stressful, but when you do it right with the right protocols in place, then you can have access to those files in an instant from any kind of device with the right amount of control.