Wednesday, 28 Feb 2024

How To Protect Your Family’s Health: 5 Inexpensive Green Cleaning Tips

Protecting your family’s health and going green doesn’t have to put a dent in your pocket. There are many affordable, sustainable fiber solutions you can implement in your home to improve overall health. Some of these things are easy, while some challenge our habits. Going green has benefits for your home and everyone in it. It is also a proven way to significantly improve your family’s health because it limits exposure to toxic chemicals. To assist you in decreasing exposure to these chemicals and protecting your family’s health, check out the five inexpensive green cleaning tops below.

Cut Down on Plastic Bottles and Canned Food

An age-long debate is the harmfulness of plastic bottles. The discussion revolves around the safety of bisphenol, which is a chemical in plastics. The plastics with this chemical are used for many baby bottles and water bottles. There are concerns about the safety of this chemical and its relation to heart diseases and diabetes. To protect your family, look for alternative options like baby bottles made with sustainable fiber solutions. You should also eat less canned food and not microwave plastic food containers. A better option for storing food is ceramic and glass containers.

Always Filter your Tap Water

Filtering your tap water is a great action to take and is an inexpensive green cleaning tip. It is being argued that tap water might be a better choice than bottled water. Some bottled waters contain contaminants that can also be found in tap water. Suppose you live in a place where the tap water is excellent. You should still filter your tap water to be on the safe side. When you filter your tap water, you successfully get rid of lingering pollutants.

Opt For Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

The conventional cleaning supplies you can find in almost any home typically contains a mix of chemical. Some of these chemicals are strong enough to have a powerful effect on asthmatic kids. Using toxic cleaning products makes you pollute your indoor hair, and when washed down the drain, you’re also contaminating the lakes and rivers. There are many sustainable fiber solutions you can explore. Look for green cleaning supplies that are biodegradable, petroleum-free, and don’t contain ammonia.

Eat Organic

Another green cleaning top to protect your family is by eating organically. When you eat organic food, you’re helping to protect the environment you live in. Organic food is more nutritious because they contain 25% more nutrients than typical produce. Doing this is sure to protect your family’s health from dangers lurking in a toxic home.

Stop Using Pesticides

Although pesticides effectively kill roaches, mice, ants, and many others, they’re still harmful. A little exposure can put your family at risk of many health problems. They’re also quite pricey, so you’ll be saving money. Instead of investing in harmful pesticides that can cause real damage in your home, focus on prevention. There are simple, effective methods to keep the roaches away, including filling up any crack.