Monday, 25 Sep 2023

Know The Details About Moissanite Rings

Every woman dreams big about their marriage day. Starting from the makeup to the dress, everything is decided at a very early stage. This shows how excited the bride-to-be is to get married and spend the rest of her life with the one she loves. The engagement day is the biggest step towards spending the rest of your life with their partner. This day calls for an amazing and grand engagement ring. What can be better than a Moissanite rings? Moissanite speaks volumes about the love and cares that the partner promises to provide. Love is eternal and requires an eternal symbol that is the main reason behind the engagement ring.


Moissanite was the result of a natural disaster and later it became the greatest invention. The hard work that is put behind getting a moissanite ring is at times compared to the labor that a mother goes through. Although it was invented in the 90s, yet people were not aware of it because of the lack of marketing and promotion. But with modern days, as advertisement sees a new world, it has become easy to spread the message and importance of a moissanite ring to the public. It is no more a mystery and Diamonds are no more considered to be the best gift.


It is said that men have probably never come across a durable stone as moissanite. The scientist has been attracted to its creation since the fall of the meteor that brought it into being. It was discovered by Mr. Henry Moissan in the year 1983. Moissanite rings get their name from its founder. It is probably the most brilliant stone that the world has never come across. Its brilliance and uniqueness make it the perfect alternative of a Diamond. Though found in the year 1987, it was only in the 90s that the company started to perfect the process of forming moissanite.


When the process was perfected in ’95, many people were of the opinion that the jewelry world is going to go through a massive change. That’s exactly what happened when the makers came up with almost twelve shapes that were available in innumerable sizes. No matter whether the wearer loves big, round stone or are happy with minimalistic design, they can easily find anything they want. This is slowly but steadily stole the hearts of millions of people. People now started considering investing in moissanite rings rather than buying diamond rings. This probably was the biggest change that the jewelry industry had ever witnessed.

4 Reasons to Wear a Moissanite Engagement Ring


Many people are skeptical about the durability of the stone. They think it to be just an alternative of diamond and not a valuable Stone. This makes them doubt the durability and their long-lasting promises made by the stone. It needs to be remembered that the lifetime guarantee that comes along with the purchase of the gemstone is not there just for the sake of it. Thorough research has been conducted and then only the guarantee has been made. Just like any precious stones, moissanite rings are also there to be with the wearer for a lifetime.


Even after the stone was formed and the process of making the stone was found by scientists, the work on making the moissanite more perfect never stopped. With every research, a new addition was found and finally, there came a more upgraded version of the moissanite which was ‘forever brilliant’. If one has proper knowledge about the gemstone, they would be easily able to recognize the difference between a moissanite and forever brilliant moissanite. When one is aware of the difference they would obviously go for the upgraded version.


If you’re looking for loose moissanite, you can search for them in a shop that specializes in moissanite. You can also do some online research. It isn’t very hard to find loose moissanite. If you are not a person of using second-hand rings, you don’t need to worry. Moissanite is often bought by the sellers and goes through a total transformation. It is sold in the market only after the transformation has been successfully achieved. The brand new moissanite is then added to your engagement ring. These moissanite rings are crafted according to your preference and choice.

Charles & Colvard

The best quality moissanite ring that man has ever come across was actually produced by Charles and Colvard. They are the producers and main founders of the amazing moissanite jewelry. This jewelry is taken out to the retailers with whom they have a tie-up. These retail shops then proudly showcase the moissanite jewelry pieces. They go that extra mile to provide their customers with the best moissanite. This is what attracts more and more customers towards it. Even though many new firms are emerging, yet, Charles and Colvard remain the best. They have been able to retain the position with their sheer hard work and prompt service.


Just like every other Metal Stone which is easily exposed to soot, moissanite is also exposable to dirt. In order to keep the ring perfect and Clean it is required that the weather washes the rain at least every three months. A dirt accumulation for a month is hardly noticeable. The amount of dirt accumulation in a moissanite ring is lesser than any other stone. Yet, it calls for attendance for one’s own mental peace and happiness. To clean it, one can soak the ring in a bowl of soap water. Let the ring be in the water for a couple of minutes and then take it out and brush off the dirt.


It can be concluded that moissanite rings are probably the best kind of alternatives that can be available. Diamonds are known to be a symbol of status but moissanite is priced less and can be purchased by anyone. Every woman dreams of being a princess on their wedding day and they deserve to get their dreams fulfilled. Buy a moissanite ring and see the wonders yourself. Make sure to collect all the documents while making the purchase.