Saturday, 30 Sep 2023

Online Yoga and Meditation Apps Make Yoga Easier Than You Think

Online exercise has never been more popular. Dozens of advanced services with beautiful apps offer in-depth online tutorials, instruction, and advice for different types of workouts. It’s a modern solution for a modern problem – people don’t have the time to visit a gym in their day-to-day lives, and prefer services at a lower prices.

Internet video and social media rushed in to save the day, which brings us to Glo: Glo is the online exercise trend in yoga form. While people are used to thinking of yoga as a group activity in a classroom where moderation and form correction are important, Glo’s approach has won a lot of converts very quickly. Here’s what they like about the service.

A Wide Variety of Learning Options

Yoga classes in many areas may be limited to just a few options, especially at certain times of day. Glo’s online yoga service can be used anywhere, at any time – as easily when you get up in the morning before taking a shower as when you come home from work before making dinner. No travel is required, so your yoga mat and a screen are all you need.

Glo’s alternative to in-person teaching is a network of yoga teachers around the world that can create content and answer common questions about a wide variety of yoga types – and some will even livestream new classes for you to try. Then there are the more than 4,000 classes available on demand for every user, spanning 16 different styles that have something for beginners and experts alike. More advanced options from specific tutors are called “courses” with a number of “chapters” to work through for those learning new styles. It’s all intuitive and easy to leap into.

Just Enough Hand Holding

While Glo is designed to be as independent an experience as you want, that doesn’t mean it sets you out without any guidance at all. Like all the high-quality exercise apps, you first take a simple test so that Glo knows your yoga experience and what you want from the app. The app can then make suggestions and set important goals for you to reach, but otherwise you’re on your own. You can focus on medication, Vinyasa, Hatha, conditioning, and other specific techniques as they are suited to your lifestyle.

Time Is Not a Concern

Even with the ideal yoga class in a physical location, there’s still a serious time commitment involved. Driving time aside, once at a yoga class people feel invested for staying for the full class. If outside life events interfere, practitioners are more likely to skip entirely, in which case they don’t feel like they’re getting their money’s worth. Enjoy time with the meditation app to calm your mind.

These time issues don’t exist with Glo, because you can start and stop a class whenever you want. Whether you want to practice a pose for five minutes or run through a full routine for an hour, you can choose to do it. It’s no surprise that Glo has marketed its services as an option for those who are just too busy to make time for more traditional yoga.

Available on Many Devices

Device compatibility can be an issue with these online exercise options. Fortunately, Glo works on a variety of platforms, including Apple and Android, which makes quick sessions on mobile devices easy to start. Perhaps better suited for more in-depth learn and practice, the app also works on Apple TV and Roku, allowing you to beam it to your big screen to really get the details behind the movements. Hopefully, Glo will continue to expand onto other platforms and allow users to experience their classes in whatever form they prefer.