Monday, 25 Sep 2023

Safe and authentic Ayahuasca retreats in Tingo-Maria Peru.

Planning a journey or trip to Peru! here is the ultimate guide for you. It will help you in having the amazing experience of your life. The first thing that you must look for is Safe and authentic Ayahuasca retreats in Tingo-Maria Peru. You must find the best ayahuasca shamans in Peru to have that incredible experience.

We offer intensive Ayahuasca healing with a combination of modern medical science and ancient Amazonian traditions in Andes and Amazon of Peru. This perfect and exceptional combination of ours makes us unique. We aim to give our guests the best experience of their life.

We work with the most respected and experienced Q’ero, priests that are direct descendants of ‘Incas’, an ancient Amazonian tribe.  The Shipibo healers we work with are specialists in conducting ayahuasca ceremonies with thousands of year Amazonian tradition

Importance of Shamans:

Shamans living in South America, particularly in Peru, are the healers who lead scared ayahuasca ceremonies. They have techniques inherited from ancestors of the oldest Amazonians tribes. These sacred techniques are discovered years ago to heal the body and soul internally. Shamans are a crucial part of every ceremonial ritual process. These healers possess the power of reaching different states of consciousness to interact with different worlds. They are a medium to connect the two worlds, one in which we live and the other spirit world that we cannot see.

They are like a doctor of souls who know what treatment your soul needs. A shaman makes a path for your soul to connect with the other end of this physical worlds. In other words, it makes the end of two different worlds meet Giving you an extraordinary experience that you have never felt before and will never have in life like it.

From practicing shaman tribes, Shipibo culture has the longest history of working with ayahuasca. They are one of the few cultures of Upper Peruvian Amazon. They have their own language and tradition. Shamans of this tribe are highly respected and are considered as the most powerful healers. A healer is in fact a community leader of the tribe respected by all members of the tribe.

Your safety is our Priority:

The modern medical science team consisting of psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, and cardiologists, are available 24×7 for help. Equipped with a full range of emergency medical equipment. Our staff of trained professionals takes care of guests during the complete healing process.

We have guided you with the most critical information on Ayahuasca healing process, Shamans, Shipibo culture. Now it’s easy for you to choose the best ayahuasca retreat center. Get ready to have an experience that will change your life forever.

ayahuasca shaman peru that we have are from the families with shamanism traditions from generation.