Tuesday, 27 Feb 2024

Safety Guidelines from A Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Following safety guidelines while riding your motorcycle is not only important to avoid accidents, but as most Denver motorcycle accident attorney firms advise, it helps you to build a great claim in the event of an accident. Here are a few crucial guidelines that you should adhere to when riding your motorcycle:

  1. Have a valid riding permit or license: A riding permit or license is an official testament to your roadworthiness. If you get involved in an accident without a permit, you would have severely damaged your claim.
  2. Adherence to traffic laws: Traffic laws are designed to keep order and protect everyone. Flouting even the smallest traffic law may dent your case heavily or even nullify the claim. If, as an accident victim, who, for example, ran a red light, you might even be liable for prosecution if the damage is severe. Counterclaims built around such cases are usually strong.
  3. No riding under influence: No Denver motorcycle accident attorney would be eager to represent a victim who rode under the influence of alcohol. Such cases are mostly dead on arrival for several reasons. The primary reason is that the counter attorney can argue that the victim was in no mental state to have avoided the accident. The case may only go through if it is proven that the accident would have been unavoidable no matter what.
  4. Inspect your motorcycle before riding: It is your responsibility as a rider to inspect your motorcycle before you ride out. If you get involved in an accident, the investigators would want to know the cause, and if it turns out that your motorcycle had an issue that directly or indirectly caused the accident, you might not have a case! Regular inspection is also going to save your life at some point.
  5. Respect weather conditions: Your safety as a rider is more important than anything else. Before you ride out, check out the weather and determine if you can go on without danger. It is foolishness to be out riding on a rainy day when the roads are wet and slippery, or on days when visibility is reduced beyond reasonable levels.
  6. Always use appropriate clothing: The next time you think of riding out without a shirt, a helmet, and other protective clothing, picture your Denver motorcycle accident attorney giving you an angry Dwayne Johnson look –yes, that very one. It is pure recklessness that will not only endanger you but will also reduce your chances of winning a claim if an accident occurs.