Friday, 14 Jun 2024

Ski Clothes: A Complete Guide To Comfortable Snow Vacations

Wearing suitable ski clothes will help you create unforgettable moments in the mountains. Regardless of your skill level – beginner, intermediate or advanced – it’s essential to know how to dress in the snow so that the focus of your vacation is just fun and learning. In addition to ski clothes, accessories such as gloves, goggles, and a hat should be placed in your snow travel bag. So, you’ll be ready to glide on the slopes with comfort and protection. 

Want to know more about the subject? We have prepared, below, a complete guide for you to compose your winter look with the best clothes for skiing in the snow, from the second thermal skin to the ski jacket. Check out!

Ski clothes: layer system is the best choice to stay warm and comfortable on the mountain. First of all, keep in mind that ski clothes are divided into two parts: a sound layering system and a set of snow accessories. Dressing in several thin layers helps draw warm air close to your skin, keeping your body warm while skiing. This is much more efficient than just wearing a sturdier snow coat, for example. 

To stay well protected from the cold and snow, you will need three layers: one base layer, an intermediate layer and outer layer, ski, and water-resistant trousers. Add waterproof ski socks, gloves, goggles, boots, hat, and you’re done: you’ve got everything to face even the coldest days on the slopes.

Layered Ski Clothes

For safe and comfortable practice, ski clothing needs to follow the layering system | Photo: Shutterstock

The first layer of ski clothing: second skin thermal garments absorb sweat from the body

In the inner layer, in direct contact with the skin, it is essential to use a second thermal skin, consisting of long pants and a supple long-sleeved blouse. Usually, this type of clothing is made with synthetic fabrics and a double layer of protection. The inner part absorbs sweat, while the outer part acts as a thermal insulator. This leaves you with dry skin and avoids the cold even during long trails in the snow or a whole day of sports activities.

Skiing Clothes – First Layer

There are several models of second thermal skin – from simple to technological | Photo: Shutterstock

The second skin fabrics must be antibacterial to ward off odors and allow the garment to be used more often without being washed. But it’s okay if you feel the need to wash it: because they’re made of synthetic fabrics like polyester and natural fibers, thermal clothes dry quickly. Make sure your hotel or resort has an on-demand laundry service.

Important: avoid cotton fabrics at all costs! Cotton doesn’t drive moisture away from you; instead, it just allows the moisture to settle on your skin and make you feel cold. Sweatshirts are also not suitable as they are too bulky to fit under the other layers and do not control moisture.