Sunday, 24 Sep 2023

Sudani from Nigeria Telugu movie is showing in Aha OTT

In the era of technology and modernization, the world leads towards a better future. Making lives easy and much more efficient for the future generation. In the race of development, we forgot about its impact on nature. We build our dreams of the future on the corps of today. Humans took advantage of the gifts of nature. Greed grew to such an extent that we started killing its existence. So, each evil deed has a limit of tolerance.

The current pandemic may be the beginning of the wrath of nature. Due to a lockdown, we stayed at our home. Entertainment was the only source of hope for us. The entertainment industry found a new way of reaching our homes. Through digital OTT platforms, the latest movies and web shows were streamed, Spreading joy and happiness and joy all over the world. OTT platforms performed beyond expectations. Its popularity grew day by day, raising the standard of Indian cinema.

Telugu cinema may even get considered as the alternative for high standards. They have a sole motto of delivering original and mass action movies. Entertaining the audience from top to bottom with a whole heart. The only Telugu OTT platform. The Aha launched in 2020 streams the latest Telugu HD movies online. Users can either watch it online or download it.

Here is a review on movies streaming on the Aha, Sudani from Nigeria

Sudani from Nigeria is a very emotional yet comedy story filled with family drama. The movie’s background was set in a rural town in Malappuram, Kerala. Life Story of a guy named Majeeb, an unmarried footballer who gets rejected. Due to lack of money and unemployment. Majeeb has a sole passion for football. Majeeb plays for a local club. He also works as a manager of the team. He recruits 3 Nigerian players in hopes of winning the tournament. Unfortunately, the star player Samuel gets injured and gets hospitalized. Samuel couldn’t play for a month. So, Majeeb invites him to his place where Majeeb lives with his mom. Samuel became a topic of gossip among villagers. With time Samuel and Majeeb formed a strong bond of friendship. Later due to a few reasons, Samuel had to fly back to Nigeria. Here the mess begins, Samuel’s passport was missing. Majeeb and Samuel looked all over for it but didn’t find it. A fake passport seems like the only option for Samuel to return.

Will Samuel return safely back to Nigeria? Will he get caught by the police? What happens to Majeeb? To know about the complete story, download the Aha. Subscribe to it for watching the latest comedy movies online.

The Aha channel provides users to select movies and thrillers based on popularity, trend, and genre. Web shows on the Aha have quite thrilling stories and content. Your favorite celebrities could be performing many challenging and shocking roles. The Aha channel had provided an opportunity to several young talents. Writers, actors, and directors have tried to present a new side of cinema. The Aha raises the hopes of filmmakers for experimenting and preparing something unique.