Saturday, 30 Sep 2023

The Effect of Storage Units on Businesses in 2020

As the year draws to a close, most business owners will be looking to what the future brings and adjusting their strategies so that they can approach the first quarter of 2020 with surety and confidence. But if you want to come out of the gate swinging in the new year, it’s important to recognise and embrace opportunities wherever they present themselves. Even ideas that might seem unorthodox like incorporating a storage unit into your business methodology.

Whether you’re hoping to start a new London-based business in 2020 or take your existing enterprise to the next level, Self Storage in Chiswick can be a surprisingly valuable asset in a number of ways. Here are some of the effects of storage units on business in 2020…

An affordable alternative to warehouse space

In the first quarter of the year, many businesses take stock of their operations and identify areas in which they can save on costs. For construction firms, retailers and even catering and hospitality businesses a storage unit can be a more affordable alternative where warehousing is either cost-prohibitive or surplus to requirements. They can be used to keep everything from equipment to inventory, and when you invest in a climate-controlled unit you know that your stored items are protected from adverse temperatures and excess humidity.

Who needs an office?

Many a plucky startup was founded in a garage or other similar space. And if your business is still in its infancy and unable to fork out huge overheads for a prestigious office space in a thriving urban hub, a storage unit can actually be an excellent alternative to an office.

Indeed, the relative calm of a storage unit when compared to a bustling city-centre office can actually make it more conducive to focus and productivity.

A safe and secure storage space for seasonal businesses

There are some businesses which, by their very nature, simply can’t exist all year round. Have you ever looked at all those pop-up Christmas shops that appear in busy shopping centres and highstreets every year and wondered where they disappear to when the festive season is over? Here’s a hint… it’s not the North Pole!

Seasonal businesses can use storage units to store their inventory and manage their administration outside of peak seasons.

Useful and flexible storage space for eBay sellers and exporters

Ecommerce channels like eBay and Amazon provide great opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to sell things that they either buy or make themselves online. Because these platforms are among the most trusted in the world, they are able to reach their target audiences without needing to spend a fortune on marketing. However, as their businesses grow they often find that the spare room just doesn’t offer sufficient storage space anymore. eBay businesses may find that the secure, flexible and scalable solutions offered by storage companies will allow them to scale up in line with their growth for as prosperous 2020.

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