Monday, 25 Sep 2023

Tips To Choose the Best Natural Stone Tile

The environment in which you live, whether at home or at work, must be peaceful. What is more important than building one’s own house is how one renovates it? The interior decorations complement the beauty of the house and complete it. The first thing to consider when renovating a house is the title selection. The best and highest quality, yet appealing tiles will add elegance to the house’s vision. The tiles come in a variety of patterns and materials, with natural stone being the most popular. You can get the best natural tiles for your home by visiting tile shops geelong.

Natural stone tiles, like many other types of tiles, have their own set of benefits. Who doesn’t want a tile that will last a long time and will never be out of style? The following are some advantages of using these tiles.

  • Natural stone tile flooring will add space, lighting, and air, as well as a sophisticated look.
  • This tile flooring is very simple to clean and maintain.
  • It keeps the temperature in the home cooler even during the summer, making it a top priority in hotter countries.
  • It is relatively hygienic because it does not allow dust, hair, or skin particles on the floor.

Factors To Be Considered Before Choosing the Natural Stone Tiles:

You must consider several factors before selecting a natural stone tile.

Capability To Absorb:

  • The absorption rating of each natural stone tile varies. Before choosing them, it is mandatory to calculate the rating based on where the natural stone tile will get placed.
  • The porous capacity of the tile determines absorption. If the absorption rate is high, the tile will absorb more water and is more likely to become stained.
  • A stone tile with a high absorbent rating is not appropriate for homes in cold climates.
  • Less absorbent material tiles are appropriate for outdoor use because they do not allow dust and stains.
  • Granite has the least absorbent property of all-natural stone tiles, while sandstone is the polar opposite of granite.


  • Before choosing a tile, look at its rating. To get a better idea of the best tiles, look at the ratings of the tile shops in Geelong.
  • Some business owners use a grading system to rate the quality of the tiles so that customers can easily choose the best one.
  • Grade 1 tiles have very high-quality materials, while Grade 2 tiles have minor material defects. Because of the flaws in the materials, Grade 3 tiles are only useful for rustic decorations.

Friction Coefficient:

  • This is one of the most important features to consider because it shows how slippery a tile material is.
  • A tile with a higher coefficient has a higher grip, making it suitable for flooring in bathrooms and kitchens where the environment is moist most of the time.


  • They extract many natural stones from beneath the earth, and as a result, many stones contain iron particles.
  • Using such stones in an outdoor environment may be ineffective because the iron particles in the natural stone tile will oxidize once exposed to air.

To put it simply, the tile will rust eventually. So, for outdoor use, select a tile made of non-iron material.