Friday, 14 Jun 2024

What You Can Find in The Many Assortments of Pearl Engagement Rings

You should be able to find the real pearl engagement rings you have always dreamed of, no matter whether you are thinking of a solitaire that shows the perfect white specimen or a diamond-enveloped pearl engagement ring that you know your intended will cherish for a lifetime. And you can find many colours.

Golden pearls

Pearls that are golden are beginning to grow in popularity amid pearl lovers. This colour is esteemed due to it’s a warm and regal tone, regal, that adds acomponent of richness to a pearl. These most popular pearls of this colour grow in an assortment of the South Sea oyster or Pinctada maxima. This oyster is the largest oyster that is producing pearls resulting in very large pearls. These golden South Sea pearls can be produced as small as 8 mm but can grow as large as 20 mm – which is almost the size of a golf ball – way too big for a ring.

Akoya pearls

Akoya pearls are most often white, but other colours do occur naturally. These colours include, silver, blue and gold. These are natural-colour Akoya pearls found on the internet and make for beautiful rings.

Chocolate pearls

The current fashion is the change of a pearl color that is referred to as chocolate. These chocolate pearls are developed with 2 types of color treatments, as this is a colour rarely developing naturally. These 2 treatments used to make this colour are dying and bleaching. One treatment will remove any color lightening this pearl to the desired chocolate coloration. The 2nd treatment is used on both freshwater pearls, and Tahitian pearls. This adds colour to attain the chocolate coloration,

Lavender and Pink pearls

Lavender and pink are occurring naturally found mostly in freshwater pearls. These subtle pastel colours are not from treatment but occur naturally. These coloured pearls coupled with a diamond produce beautiful engagement rings.