Wednesday, 28 Feb 2024

3 Main Benefits of Recording at A Professional Studio

The modern times have enabled people from every industry to work with ease and in an environment where they can get the most comfort, their homes. All of this has been made possible by advanced technology and the easy availability of resources. Likewise, coming to the music industry, home recording studios have greatly become popular and even though an artist might be able to achieve a lot of things at home, nothing quite beats the advantages that one can get by using a professional recording studio. There are reasons why today even the leading names in the industry prefer using a professional recording studio. For instance, Eileen Richardson DiaDan Holdings CEO, stresses a lot on the importance of a professional recording studio. Eileen Richardson Nova Scotia-based owner of DiaDan Holdings is also a professional photographer has had a few great recording studios under her management. Here are 3 main benefits of recording at a professional studio.

Optimized Acoustics:

Of course, you can catch the thrill of a rock band performing together by recording at your home studio but talking about acoustics you can get a lot more out of a professional recording studio. Instead of struggling to get the right setup for acoustics in your home studio the simplest option you can for is booking a professional recording studio. The thing with professional studios is that they offer optimized acoustic spaces and that becomes a necessity when accommodating large groups and bands. Irrespective of the size of the concourse, the room for air around the instruments and mic can make a great difference in the final track. To add to it, professional recording studios house isolation booths providing artists with good sightlines to give a sense of performing together. As a matter of fact, artists and musicians always perform their best when they can hear what they need to. To attend these requirements, professional recording studios are much likely to have a personal monitor mixer and a modern mix set up for every individual artist. Moreover, optimized acoustics is just a start when it comes to professional recording studios.

Great Gear:

A studio’s mic locker is of eminent importance. If one is aware that different mics have different sonic properties and being able to use out of a great selection of the same then he will understand the value of it. To add to it, if you happen to have an engineer with sound knowledge of how to use these pieces of equipment then what else would an artist ask for. It won’t matter if the best mics are being used if the signals are corrupted by other inferior equipment. Therefore, along with mics, preamps, equalizers, converters, compressors, plug-ins, etc. are required to be of high quality too.

Talented Engineers:

In the past, professional recording studios used to have a staff of engineers and assistants employed. As time went by, these staff engineers and assistants were no longer being needed as artists and producers began hiring independent engineers, this happened by the 1980s. Today, as the recording technology has become easily accessible, a large assortment of professional recording studios has come into existence. Out of which some studios are home studios while others are professional studios in commercial locations and a good many of them can easily accommodate large groups and bands. In the present times, many modern professional studios that are available for hire, interestingly have reinstated the services of a professional engineer. Stephen King, an American author made sense when he said, “Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.”