Friday, 14 Jun 2024

French bulldog curiosities you must know before adapting one

With an indescribable beauty and affection that only the French bulldog has to offer, he conquers attraction wherever he goes. But, what do you need to know before you have a French bulldog? We will tell you the main curiosities to make sure you are choosing the perfect breed for you.

The French bulldog has an excellent behavior with children –

In addition to being playful, with children he also offers protection. This breed is really passionate about children and they feel a companionship for being in their presence. Upon seeing a child, he is filled with enthusiasm and runs into the child’s arms.

They don’t usually get along with other dogs –

Despite being very sociable and kind to people, the Frenchie is not very pleasant with other dogs. This breed has Bull blood and Terrier blood, two classes that are skittish with other dogs.

Has a lot of attachment to your tutor –

Their love is very great and it creates a dependency. He was raised to be a lap dog, to be a companion and he performs this task with mastery. If you spend little time at home and he is alone for a long time, it is better to choose another pet.

Needs few physical activities –

A simple walk around the block is enough for Frenchie dog activities. The flattened snout makes it difficult for the dog to breathe and the ability to regulate its temperature. The breed also has difficulty moving around in the water.

Temperament of the French bulldog –

The French bulldog is very agitated, cheerful, intelligent and playful. He has a very high energy level. If you want a calm and passive dog, it is good to look for another breed that is more peaceful. He is attached to the family, loves a lap and affection, likes to be the center of attention and delights everyone.

Special care for the French bulldog breed –

The French bulldog is an easy maintenance breed, but it needs special care. One of the main precautions concerns their fluffy folds that should be taken care of in hygiene, as they can develop dermatitis problems. The owner must provide a balanced diet and physical activities to avoid the development of problems with obesity.

French bulldog health problems –

It is good to be aware of temperature, ear problems, dermatitis, and spine and patellar dislocation. Although the Bulldog is not a pet with frequent illnesses, prevention is always important.