Saturday, 30 Sep 2023

3 Ways Robotic Pallet Wrappers Will Supercharge Your Packaging Processes

Have you ever watched your employees slowly winding a long stretch of plastic wrapping over a pallet of goods and wondered if there was a better way to get this task done? Robotic pallet wrapping machines can take over this work and will excel at it too. There are 3 main benefits you can expect to see if you implement these tools in your company.

#1: Less Waste

The less plastic wrapping you can use in your operations, the better. Mechanical pallet wrappers are able to use extra thread rollers to stretch the plastic film as much as possible before applying it to the products being wrapped, allowing it to cover a greater surface area than a human worker could manage. Moreover, a robotic pallet wrapper will always use the same amount of packaging material each time during each pre-programmed sub-process, so you can easily predict how much wrapping you’ll need at all times. This is useful for keeping your budget under control, but on top of that, it’s also ecologically beneficial.

#2: Higher Efficiency

As those who work in them can attest, there’s no such thing as a slow-paced warehouse or factory floor. Most such operations have a lot of products to move and tight deadlines to meet while doing it. Time is of the essence, which is why a robotic pallet wrapper is an excellent logistical investment. Unlike human employees who may be tired, injured, inexperienced, or simply having a bad day, the pallet wrapping machine will always work efficiently. Unless it breaks down, you’ll never fall behind and you’ll never miss a deadline to get your product shipped out. You may also be able to process more product than you would if you were depending on manual labour alone, potentially allowing you to scale your operations more effectively and grow your business.

#3: Improved Safety for Workers

Workplace accidents are no fun for either the victim or their employer. When someone gets hurt on the job, your company is liable for any expenses they incur, may need to go slightly short-handed for a while during that person’s recuperation period, and may become subject to time-consuming regulatory inspections. It’s better for everyone to avoid the accidents before they occur, and automated pallet wrapper machines can help with that. They can attend to your wrapping needs without direct human assistance, so your workers can stay a safe distance away as the machines get the work done. This drastically reduces the chances of any injuries during this part of your operations. Just be sure to train your workers in the proper use of your new machine.

A mechanical pallet wrapper might seem like a big investment at first, but it will pay off in a myriad of ways.