Wednesday, 28 Feb 2024

5 Main Advantages of Pallet Wrapping Machines

People often wonder what advantages pallet wrapper have over manual winders and why pallet wrapping machines have become so popular around the globe. Having known this, we aim at highlighting a few of the astonishing advantages that an investment in pallet packaging machines brings. Ultimately, so that UK packaging company can find Pallet Wrappers for Sale and make buying choices that bring constructive results.

Advantages of Pallet Wrapper

To learn more about the benefits of machine pallet packaging over manual packaging we have considered some companies that have recently invested in pallet wrapping machines to see the positive impact on their business. The five common advantages of pallet packaging machines are:

  1. Fast Pallet Packaging

Pallet wrapping machine can pack pallets up to 70% faster than manually. The machine removes most of the manual process from the packaging. Operators do not have to wait to start or stop the packaging cycle. The winding process starts and stops when you pull the cord or place the pallet on the conveyor belt.

  1. Saves Money

Companies can save money by using a pallet wrapping machine by using less shrink packaging and less labour.

If you install an automatic pallet wrapper on a production line, regardless of whether it is a turntable or an automatic winder, this will affect the speed of your work area. The machine releases personnel for other tasks while the wrapper does its job. The operator of a pallet jack or forklift can put the pallet on a conveyor belt or turntable and then immediately start preparing a new pallet.

  1. The Output is Consistent

Predictability is a big advantage when weighing all elements of a production line. This is the task of an automatic pallet machine – it is equally predictable every time and similarly packs pallets.

  1. Reduce Waste

Pallet packers use as much material as necessary to effectively protect the pallet and reduce waste.

  1. Improves Safety and Health

An automatic wrapper keeps the loader behind the loader – and this is a safety advantage. Over 80 per cent of forklift misfortunes involve pedestrians walking through the floor of the warehouse. When loaders stay on their forklifts, they stay on the ground and concentrate on the task at hand.

If you switch from manual packaging, which often leads to wear, the automatic system offers additional security from this point of view. The wrapping machine requires little interaction with the operator (or bending). It is enough to pull the cord out of the forklift or press the button to wrap the pallet.

Also, the automatic stretch film offers safe and even packaging ready for transport. A poorly packaged pallet can fall and damage the product or injure the operator.

In conclusion, in case you need pallet wrappers for sale, go for the highest quality and the automated one.