Wednesday, 28 Feb 2024

Three Walther Air Rifles That Should Be in Every Hunters Arsenal

Whether you are aiming at the bull’s eye at a shooting range, fox hunting for sport or deer stalking in the woods, every hunter has a heart of a winner. However, this fact is not only dependent on your skill level but mainly on your tool of trade, which is the gun in use. Walther is a world-class weapon manufacturer that supplies a variety of weaponry ranging from average rifles to award-winning cannons. Here are the three best Walther Air Rifles that will guarantee you a win in any competition, even with an average skill level.

  1. Walther MaximaThor Air Rifle

The Walther MaximaThor is a PCP, bolt action, .22 Air Rifle, with an 8-shot rotary clip. The unit features a two-stage adjustable match trigger, an 11mm dovetail, and a barrel with 0.5-inch UNF threads. It’s also worthy to note that the MaximaThor has an ambidextrous cheek piece and a Minelli stock made from hardwood with a grip comfortable to handle for both right and left-handed enthusiasts. The gun also comes with a built-in pressure gauge with 2900psi/200bar as maximum fill.

  1. Walther LG400 Alutec Economy

The LG400 Alutec Economy is also a PCP, bolt action gun but with a single shot fire mode. The unit features the ECO valve technology, which significantly reduces its opening pulse and shot development time. The maximum built-in pressure is 300bars, which can handle up to 800 shots per fill. The cheekpiece, buttstock, and stock length of the LG400 Alutec are highly adjustable as well as its weight distribution and centre of gravity. About 50 to 120 grams is all that is needed to pull this gun’s trigger.

  1. Walther Terrus, Synthetic

The Walther Terrus Synthetic is a .177 Air Rifle with a spring-piston and a break barrel with a single shot fire mode. The gun’s name is attributed to its weather-resistant synthetic stock that harbors a with a rubber recoil pad. The unit has an 11mm dovetail that harbors the rail of a TruGlo front sight and an adjustable rear sight fiber optics lens. Just like the MaximaThor, the Terrus also features an ambidextrous stock with two raised cheekpieces. About 32 pounds of pressure is needed to cock the Walther Terrus Synthetic.


Walther Air Rifles are world-class weapons and positive reviews by enthusiasts are enough proof. Apart from the three firearms described, the company also produces other well-designed guns. Most of these products feature a considerably higher muzzle energy and lower ballistic resistance compared to rivals in the same class. More good news is that virtually every physical and online gun store has Walther Air Rifles for sale at very competitive prices. Every gun enthusiast should try out a Walther gun for a shot at the bull’s eye!