Wednesday, 28 Feb 2024

5 Real Estate Website Must-Haves

Building a real estate website is important to promoting your career in the real estate industry. Although you might not sell a home on the website every day, it could help you drive leads and convert visitors to your website. Getting a top Denver website design firm to build your website is the first key to a successful website. Still, there are key features you need to integrate into the website that will not only invite potential clients but will make you look like a professional agent with extensive knowledge about your industry. Check out five real estates must-haves below:

Neighborhood Details

Buyers can easily find websites with information about homes or the current value of a home in a particular location. However, finding information about these neighborhoods is usually difficult. This top Denver web design company will help include a page that provides information about various neighborhoods. This will include events, houses, and testimonials from residents in that particular neighborhood to help potential clients decide if it is the right fit for them.

Listings Page

I don’t think any real estate website can be considered complete without a listing page. Make sure that all your MLS listings have IDX feed integrated into them on the platform. If you find that your MLS does not permit this, look out for alternatives but make sure that there is a detailed listing page on your real estate website that potential buyers and sellers can check out.

Custom Searches

Another feature you need to integrate into your website is custom searches. Having listings for various neighborhoods isn’t everything; your clients also need to carry out custom searches. If a customer wants a house with pools in a certain area, you should have integrated pre-set search parameters that make it possible. You can then present featured searches on the page based on the most-searched option and various price ranges. These featured searches could be based on different factors like a school zone, amenities, and many others.

Contact Information

Another thing you need to add is your contact details on every page on your website. You will not be able to generate leads if you don’t make it easy for your visitors to contact you. You should also include lead capture contact forms on all pages for people who might be searching for more information. Once they provide their contact information on the contact form, you can then add it to your lead nurture database.

About Us

This is an important page that should not be excluded from your website. Visitors on your website might be interested in knowing more about you, and finding out how experienced you are might lead them to contact you. Ensure you provide a bio on the page that is impressive. Don’t hold back on your knowledge or share how many satisfied customers you have. This is the part where you can truly impress your potential customers with your skills, knowledge, and experience. Ensure you don’t misuse it.