Saturday, 30 Sep 2023

Esports Numbers Continue to Surge


The modern look of esports has been around for nearly a decade, first emerging back in late 2012 and early 2013, but as a whole has been present for the better part of two decades at this point. For over half of its ongoing life span, however, it remained a niche interest only for enthusiasts, and it has only really been in the past few years where growing attention has bene paid to the different games that make up the sport and it has really been able to take off – this past year has seen a swelling of new viewers and players to many of the biggest games too as esports continues to surge in numbers, but what may the next steps for esports be to continue finding mainstream success?

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The library of popular titles needs to continue expanding – The top end of esports is made up of the big three games that are synonymous with esports, and they also continue to be the biggest names in markets connected to esports such as betting at – but in order to grow, the number of popular games in the esports library certainly needs to expand.  That does seem to be starting off, new titles like Valorant are certainly breaking ground and may look to upset the status quo, as well as familiarity in games like FIFA started to make moves forward too but are still early days for both games and there’s a lot of room to grow. Whilst the smaller titles that make up the minority of esports do have a strong viewer base, many may be rooted in a position where they struggle to grow due to a more complex understanding of the game needed to really follow and understand the many nuances that make up esports.

More ruling and regulation – Whilst the bigger organisations with the likes of Riot Games are doing a great job at policing their titles, it isn’t equal across the board. Recent dramas in games like Counter-Strike with match fixing and those players moving across to Valorant does certainly bring up questions around game integrity, similarly player contracts are typically closely guarded and it wasn’t until the recent move by Cloud9 and the new manager HenryG being more outspoken about contracts that anything was really known – transparency is key in all areas here to stop younger players being taken advantage of, and to stop players taking advantage of lax regulation and rulings in the space.

These are just a couple of examples for the growing esports market but there are many more and any passionate fan could explain everything they feel is wrong with the scene and what needs to change – the good news is that things are certainly on the way up, it’s just about avoiding the bigger stumbles on the way.