Friday, 14 Jun 2024


Background checks might seem crazy and suspicious, but they are a rising necessity of the modern world given the era of political manipulation we live in. Background checks are desired by individuals for themselves to clear their history of any suspected blots. You can also use the facility of background checks on your friends and family to clear doubts about their shadowy past. To put it in clear terms, some websites allow you to track the history of any individual after providing some basic information. The technology was already in use, mostly utilized by police personnel and investigators but now it has been made commonplace with the advancement of the internet.

Top Sites for Conducting Background Checks


Truthfinder offers a robust background check with a thorough scan of the dark web to provide the most accurate information. The services of the website come at a monthly membership fee. The website guarantees accuracy and filtered search of data which adds value to its services.


Intelius is considered to be the best criminal background checker available with the option of doing property checks. The website operates anonymously and uses public and private records from over 200 billion sources to reach the desired result. A few cons are that the service is available on a monthly subscription and accessible only during business hours.

Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is one of the best services to use for a free criminal background check. The website was designed specifically to run investigations through arrests, and criminal and government records. The service can prove to be less accurate than others due to the hassle of large amounts of data.

How to Perform a Free Background Check?

The services mentioned in the article require a small amount of fee to avail but there are other ways through which you can conduct a free background check at no cost. The manual methods of performing an online background check are: –


The go-to website for performing all kinds of searches can also be relied upon for overlooking a person’s history. Endless information is available on the internet which can easily be accessed through google. It might take some time to filter through the mountains of data, but a lot of valuable information can be gathered by filtering through videos, pictures, maps, and news.

Social Media

In the relevantly stark age of social media, it is impossible for someone to not be connected to the globe through social platforms. A simple search of a person’s profile (small portfolios which consist of their basic information) will render information about a person like their age, location, occupation, lifestyle, livelihood, etc.

Public Court Records

Public court records are usually accessible to the public and can be used to gain information on civilians. The data can mostly be accessed through websites and online databases of governments however you may require the person’s location and address for searching.

These are some ways that can be effectively used to perform background searches on persons, whether those be your loved ones or persons you suspect to have a shady past. The ways to free criminal background checks are as easily available as any other information on the internet.