Saturday, 30 Sep 2023

Four factors that determine the cost of your modular kitchen

A modular kitchen is constructed of pre-structured cabinet parts or modules, which are fixed together to form a functional kitchen setup. People are looking forward to modular kitchens instead of traditionally built designs. The well-organized setup can utilize the space to the maximum. The pre-fabricate cabinets are easy to assemble, dismantle, and reassemble. The fittings are very flexible that they can be easily assembled in a way that it makes the work easier for designers or carpenters. The factory made cabinets come in a range of attractive finishes and designs, creating a fully functional modular kitchen.

For many house owners, a main factor when it comes to the interior decor of their house is the budget.  The main advantage of choosing modular kitchen is that there are no hidden surprises, as you’re purchasing the pre-fabricated materials or equipments, which come with standard cost. The standard cost of any basic modular design for an L shaped kitchen (approximately of 8 x 10 feet) in India could start from INR 1.5 Lakh.

Below outline can help you to kick start your financial planning.

Kitchen shape and size

It’s quite simple! The size of the design layout depends on the space available in the kitchen, whether you want to have an L shaped, parallel, open, U shaped, pr gallery kitchen. The key factor that determines the price of the modular kitchen is the size and shape. It goes without saying that the more space you want to utilize, the more you’ll have to invest.

Cabinet materials

The finishes and choice of materials that goes into design of exterior and interior of the cabinetry play a large part in your cost analysis. Since cabinets are often exposed to moisture and heat, it’s better to opt for waterproof board that has a high water resistance property.

As far as the exterior finishes are considered, PVC and acrylic finishes for the cabinets are the best choice; though they are little costlier, they are known to be highly durable. You can also choose laminated shutters or Membrane foil shutters that gives more aesthetic look. Membrane shutters do not need any additional edge banding, as it comes with seamless finishing, but little expensive than laminated shutters.

Appliances and accessories

Built-in grills, microwaves cabinets are little costlier than countertop models. If you do not have the plan to buy dishwasher, you can skip including them. Always keep some facility to add extra appliances in the later point of time in the future.

The accessories, such as hinges, tandem boxes, and drawer channels, etc also help in deciding the budget.


An additional counter space in middle of the layout (that looks like an island kitchen) can always be far more expensive than other alternatives.

There are many firms offering a wide range of exquisite patterns and designs of modular kitchen. You can now estimate the modular kitchen cost using these parameters listed above to get a design of your choice in budget.  Once you know the expenditure of the kitchen design before hand, you can think of any minor changes or upgrades in the material finish or designs, so that there is less chance of exceeding budgetary approximation.