Saturday, 30 Sep 2023

How to produce content worth sharing for digital channels

We have all heard the saying ‘content is king’, but do we really carefully consider the quality of our content that we share on digital channels?  Often times in order to keep on track with our digital marketing strategy, we overlook the relevance and quality of the content we produce. Remember, we want to add value by sharing top quality content to increase engagement, shares and to gain more followers and the best option is to engage Leading Solution for their content creation services at  

So, when producing content that’s worth sharing we need to create content that attracts views and engagement.  There are many forms of content that we can use to post on digital channels, such as video, image, links, infographics and blogs, however, it’s not so much the type of content you share, but more importantly the ‘quality’ of your content.

To fully understand the importance of sharing top quality content it’s extremely beneficial to complete a digital marketing course so to get you on your way to creating and producing top quality content to get the most out of your digital marketing strategy.

The mindset of sharing content

Why do we share content on digital channels?  Not sure? Well, a recent study suggests that we feel the need to share content to establish our identity, to add value and to build relationships.  Therefore, to achieve these objectives we have to consistently produce content that is worth sharing.

One thing we do know for sure is that people online love to share.  So, to stay ahead with your brand and be successful on digital channels it’s imperative that our content is always of the highest quality.

So, just what type of content is popular

Putting the importance of the quality of your content, it’s also important to know which type of content is popular on digital channels and resonates with your followers.  There are many types of content such as blogs, infographics, links, images, video and even online quizzes.  

Detailed below is a list of some of the most popular types of content that is being posted on digital channels.

  • Infographics and screenshots – People still like to see real life examples, so screenshots and infographics remain a great way of getting your message across.  This type of content builds trust and believability in your product. Infographics allows even the most complex information to be put across visually that is easier to understand.
  • Personal photos – This may seem an extreme way of producing content worth sharing, but the humanness of posting a personal photo brings a relatable realness to your content.
  • High quality stock images – To create a professional image on digital channels high quality stock images work really well.  There’s something captivating by seeing an image of the highest quality associated with your content.  Remember to keep in mind that images with a striking and bold colour palette do get more traction, so choose images that are vibrant and colourful.
  • Motivational quote graphics – We all need a little motivation and it’s been proven that motivational quote graphics are an excellent form of content that is absolutely worth sharing.  The feel good factor of a motivational quote can never be underestimated and brings positive association to your brand. That’s a win-win all round!
  • Original content – The value of producing original content is high and always will be.  The online community spends many hours seeing similar and sometimes repeated posts;therefore, the value of original content is high and definitely worth sharing.

Go big or go home

No matter how small your business or brand is, it’s important to ‘think big’ when producing content worth sharing on social media.  Your brand will benefit from content that is produced with a top brand mindset.  

The best thing is that with a bit of research you can gain valuable insight on producing quality content from simply reviewing similar big brands.  Follow them carefully and try to create a similar online presence by consistently posting worthwhile content.



To continue producing content that is worth sharing make sure you consider what’s important to your target audience and deliver content that attracts and engages them.  There’s so much going on in the world of digital channels and the main objective of any digital marketing strategy is to produce content that is worth sharing.