Tuesday, 27 Feb 2024

Four Leading Poppers Brands

What are Poppers?

Poppers is the slang term given to a range of psychoactive drugs called alkyl nitrates, and in particular, the inhalant drug amyl nitrate. Poppers are widely used as recreational drugs and are typically taken as fumes inhaled directly from small bottles. There are a range of reasons why people take poppers, however the most common two reasons are:

  • To facilitate for anal sex, by increasing blood flow and relaxing muscles including the sphincter muscles.
  • To get an intense ‘high’ or ‘’rush’ that lasts only a few minutes.

The World’s Favourite Poppers Brands

There are multiple different poppers brands available for users to choose, each offering slightly different effects – However, the most popular four poppers brands and types used worldwide (backed-up by amazing reviews) are:

Liquid Gold Poppers

Liquid Gold Poppers are among the world’s most popular poppers brands – and have been going strong since the 1960s.

Mr Zip – 5* – “An age old classic, can’t beat it.”

Spike – 5* – “Liquid Gold very good product one of the best.”

CK Lancs – 5* – ‘Excellent Product – Very quick delivery 10/10.”

English Poppers

English poppers are what they say they are – Poppers that are made and manufactured in England. These poppers are super effective and able to satisfy even the most hardcore of users, used daily across the world.

Biggie – 5* – “Great product at an even better price.”

N.Pettman – 5* – “Packed the required punch.”

Puppy – 5* – “Much better value, due t the increased quantity the liquid doesn’t appear to evaporate as quick… Great product!”

Hardcore Poppers

Hardcore poppers are strong and highly effective poppers that are typically only used by popper enthusiasts and not by first time users. These poppers work quickly and effectively offering maximum effects to users.

Rabbit – 5* – “Great product. Not harsh, just an amazing feeling.”

Anon – 5* – “Long and intense effects.”

Nippie – 5* – “Fantastic, lovely and quick.”

Purple Haze Poppers  

Purple Haze Poppers is a long established reliable brand of poppers used widely across the world. These poppers are highly affordable and super effective.

BIG Mick – 5* – “Does what it says on the tin (perhaps a bit more).”

Zannadoo – 5* – “Very good product, hours of fun.”

Adam – 5* – “Very good product, would by again!”

A Poppers Supplier for You

If after reading this you have decided that you would like to try any of these amazing poppers brands we highly recommend that you visit the website of one of the best poppers supplier, Liquid Gold Poppers, who stock and sell all of these leading poppers brands as well as many others.