Tuesday, 27 Feb 2024

Is It Essential To Adopt Online Learning?

Online learning and education for all during and after Covid-19 pandemic - The Financial Express

As the world masks under COVID crisis, most of the schools and colleges have closed their doors. Although some schools are planning to reopen, many others adopt an alternative method to provide education. Giving face to face education is not possible now. So, schools substantially moved to Lido learning.

Adoption of E-learning:

Many education organizations already adopted online coaching even before the pandemic. It is not difficult for them to use video conferencing tools, virtual tutoring, and online learning software. So, they try to make learning easier with online classes even after the COVID-19. E-learning changed the way how tutors communicate with their aspirants. The concept of e-learning allows tutors to effectively interact with their students through group chats, online document sharing, and video meetings. With online coaching, students can also find communicating easier like never before. Both teachers and students want classroom teaching and e-learning to go hand-in-hand. This complements both the form of education in the upcoming days.

Significant benefits of e-learning:

  • Teachers can pay closer attention to digital learning habits of their students
  • Online classes become more engaging and effective with clear communication channels
  • Both students and teachers can concentrate on education regardless of the place, time, and distance
  • There may be a chance for rapid evolvement of online classes
  • Moreover, online education assures students well-being and safety, which is very important at this crisis
  • Students learn faster online compared to classrooms
  • Online education makes learning more engaging with polls and quizzes
  • Online courses focus on critical thinking and adaptability rather than learning through traditional books and papers

Challenges in E-learning:

Some students have difficulty in getting reliable internet access. So, they struggle to take part in digital learning. Besides, online coaching is dependent on student’s age groups. Younger students need a structured environment, which seems to be lacking in online classes. So, teachers have the responsibility to take concerted effort and build the structured environment with the help of engagement and collaborative tools. The intention of these tools is to encourage a sense of personalization, intelligence, and inclusion among students with a provision of a safe learning environment.

Final verdict:

Some may believe that adoption of online learning gives more harm instead of doing good. Very soon, the world will see a new form of education platform where students are safe and secure. This is possibly only if imparted with appropriate learning tools and courses. If would like to excel yourself even in the lockdown period, join Lido learning today!