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Get To Know More About Bandung Weather

Folks call Bandung the “Paris of Java”. It was a nickname given to Bandung from the early 20th century, back when the city was a resort destination for crazy rich Dutch colonialists. Bandung’s colonial days might be behind it, but one thing has persevered. It’s still the beloved hotel destination it once was, bringing hundreds of thousands of tourists to its calm mountain atmosphere each year.

Temperature In Bandung

Considering humidity, temperatures feel sexy for the majority of the year using a minimal prospect of precipitation most of the year. The area is less temperature than some — at the 30th percentile for pleasant weather — compared to tourist destinations globally. Weeks with ideal weather are listed above. If you’re searching for the very warmest time to see Bandung, the hottest months are September, October, and then May. See average monthly temperatures beneath. The warmest time of year is usually mid to late September where the temperatures are usually about 88.2°F (31.2°C) with rarely falling below 65.8°F (18.8°C) during the nighttime.

Wind and Humidity

Bandung has some quite humid months, along with other reasonably humid months on the opposing side of this year. The humid month is September (44% relative humidity), and also the most humid month is February (74 percent). Wind in Bandung is generally calm. January’s average wind speed of approximately 7.9 knots (9.1 MPH or even 14.7 KPH) is known as “a breeze”. Maximum sustained winds (the full rate for your day lasting over a couple of minutes ) are at their greatest at early to mid-March where typical high sustained rates reach 15.1 knots, which is thought to be a moderate breeze.

Best Time to Visit Bandung

Suppose warm weather is what you are after. In that case, the weeks with the lowest possibility of substantial precipitation in Bandung are June, September, and then July. Notice that we specify “significant precipitation” as .1 inches or more prolonged within this segment. The smallest chance of snow or rain happens around early to mid-January. By comparison, it is likely to rain or snow late December by a mean of 5 times the significant precipitation per week of December 24th. Weather channels report no yearly snow. Please be aware that a value of 0 in the chart below might either mean there wasn’t any snow, or snow would be unreported.

The busiest period for tourism in Bandung, Indonesia is currently December, followed by January and March. Prices for flights and resorts would be expensive nowadays, though you may save if you buy well beforehand. Tourists will probably not stop by Bandung in April. Individuals willing to see at these times will probably find it the cheapest month.

Get To Know More The Details

  • December to February (Summer)

Weather is great at this time of year in Bandung to be pleasurable for hot weather travellers. The typical high in this year is between 83.3°F (28.5°C) and 79.8°F (26.6°C). Usually, it rains or snows a reasonable sum: 4 to 8 times a month. These days of the year are the busiest with tourists.

  • March to May (Fall)

Humidity and temperatures combine to create this season feel hot. Rain is somewhat typical with 1 to 6 weeks of significant precipitation a month. Fall is quite gradual for tourism, making it a fantastic time for people who are searching for deals.

  • June to August (Winter)

The middle-year weeks have quite comfy weather with high temperatures that are comfy. These months have the least rainfall with 0 to two days of rain per month. June — August is the most popular season for tourism in Bandung. Therefore lodging and other accommodations can cost less than expected.

  • September to November (Spring)

Spring daily highs include 88.2°F (31.2°C) and 81.6°F (27.6°C) that will feel quite nice given the wind and humidity. It rains or snows a substantial sum: 1 to seven days a month. Tourism is the 2nd busiest during those months as a result of weather so that resorts could be slightly more costly.

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