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Kuta Beach Lombok : The Most Famous Tourism Destination In Lombok

Kuta Beach is like one of the most well-known beaches in Bali. Still, really if you believe Kuta Beach in Bali is indeed beautiful, then you’ll be amazed once you get to Kuta Beach Lombok. Situated on the south portion of Lombok this luminous shore has a lot of cleaner white sand and waiver coast with healthy flora that produces a stunning look. If you would like to visit Kuta Beach, you need to visit Kuta Village, Pujut, Central Lombok.

The 7.2km shore has some tiny hills, and one which sits directly on the face of the beach is named Mandalika Hill. The title is derived from a local narrative about Princess Mandalika who jumped out of the mountain to shield herself from the princes who desired to wed her. These days, the mountain becomes the ideal place to enjoy Kuta Lombok. Considering that the water of Kuta Beach remains so apparent, then if you climb into the hill, you can see the wonder of the underwater universe in some regions of the shore.

By Mataram, the capital of West Nusa Tenggara Province at Lombok Island, you want to drive approximately 72 kilometres or about 90 minutes, so you are suggested to lease a vehicle or join a trip. Public transport is a luxury, and it doesn’t work after 3 pm, so if you miss it, then you need to call or stay in the costly cab. It’s encouraged to select the jump of Bandara International Lombok (Lombok International Airport) and proceed right to the east and then follow the instructions.

Before you hit Kuta Beach, you’ll pass Sade Village, the traditional village of Sasak tribe, the sponsor of Lombok Island. They have excellent local woven cloth, so be sure you stop by. When you’ve attained Kuta Beach Lombok, you may pick various shore activities such as snorkelling, surfing, or sit on the beach to tan skin or see afterwards sunset. Approximately 2 kilometres to the east, you’ll discover Seger Beach. The beach is at precisely the same shore as Kuta Lombok, and the view can be so magnificent.

For those who love snorkelling, Seger shore is an ideal location. The identical thing goes for browsing. Many vacationers prefer Seger Beach for snorkelling and surfing compared to Kuta Beach. Be sure that you bargain at least 30 percent when you lease the gear. Kuta Lombok is the most well-known tourist destination in Lombok. Therefore it’ll be simple to locate Kuta Lombok hotel round. Please check the box at the end of the post to find some hotel or hotel around Kuta Lombok where you can read novels.

What Traveller Should Pay Attention When In Lombok

Come back to Kuta Beach before visiting other beaches nearby. If you see Kuta beach with a leased vehicle and don’t mean to remain in the hotel or hotel around Kuta Beach, please go back home before 06:00 pm to your security. If you’re renting equipment for snorkelling or surfing, do the bargaining procedure, since the first price offered is generally rather significant. Do provide around 30 percent of the initial cost. Constantly bring sunblock to avoid bloating, and a hat to protect your head.

If you would like to see Kuta beach for surfing, then take action in July-August. At that moment, the waves were in perfect conditions for surfing. Don’t throw rubbish, especially plastic, to keep the beach clean. For efficiency, you can package the Kuta beach excursion with a trip to the Selong Belanak shore, Mawun shore, or Aan cape.

Whether your trips take you to a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts or urban attractions, extra research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Lombok by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.