Friday, 14 Jun 2024

Requirements For Urgent Visa Cancellation

Urgent Visa Cancellation

The process of cancelling your UAE resident visa is pretty simple. The process of cancelling a visa in the United Arab Emirates is simpler than applying for a resident visa. However, it is critical to obtain a formal Resident visa cancellation and ensure that the cancellation has been updated in the immigration system.

Examine this crucial guide on urgent visa cancellation created by UAE Visa experts, which includes detailed information on employment, family, and visit visa cancellation in the UAE.

What are the two types of visa cancellation process?

If you have been working in the United Arab Emirates under an Employment visa, there are two fundamental stages to cancelling that visa.

  • Cancellation of a labour card
  • Cancellation of a resident visa

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To cancel a labour card, a separate application must be made to the Ministry of Labour; then, to enable an urgent visa cancellation, a second application must be submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This is a process that can only be completed by your visa sponsor (company). Original ID card, copy of current passport, copy of resident visa page, authorised signatory’s E-signature card, copy of company’s trade licence, copy of Labour establishment card, and copy of Immigration establishment card are usually required by the visa sponsor. For a simple process of getting your employment visa cancelled in UAE, you must first follow the employer’s resignation protocol and maintain good behaviour with your company as well as the country legislation.

Steps To Enable Employment Visa Cancellation

Here are some steps to enable urgent visa cancellation :

  • Temporary cancellation of your labour card at the Ministry of Labour and electronic transmission of the information to the GDRFA to terminate your residence visa permit.
  • Printing at a service centre (Tasheel or Amer centres, or a local typing centre) or online (Ministry’s e-forms programme – GDRFA / smart channel)
  • The sponsor/authorized signatory must sign the application.
  • Obtaining the necessary documents and starting the procedure
  • Visit the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs with your sponsor or authorised person.
  • The General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs sends an electronic certification to permanently cancel the labour card.

Therefore, you must go through the processes accurately for urgent visa cancellation.

After 6 months, your UAE visa will be revoked.

You may be unable to return to the UAE for a period of six months due to unforeseen circumstances, which will result in the automatic invalidation of your UAE resident visa. If you want to return to the UAE, you’ll need to have your previous visa officially revoked, even if it’s expired. Instead of pursuing the companies and arriving to an amicable arrangement, those who went without alerting the company (Sponsor) have no options left.

After the current expired residence visa is cancelled, a company or family member can reapply for a new residence visa. You will be issued an entry permit to travel to the UAE, where you will be required to undergo a medical examination, obtain an Emirates ID, and have the visa stamped in your passport once more.