Saturday, 30 Sep 2023

Read The Article To Know The Professional Way Of Using The Snooker Balls

Stripes and solids 

Trying a hand on a new game can be intriguing. Games that can enhance your thinking and working domain. Stripes and solids game is one such game that draws your attention towards itself. You might have seen professionals play this game seamlessly on television or other media platforms. But, is the game as easy as the professionals portray it? Maybe and maybe not! Let’s find this out with the help of the underlying article. 

Before proceeding further to the professional aspects, it is crucial to understand what the Stripes and solids game is all about and what are the things involved in the game available on the GetMega gaming platform?

Stripes and Solids game

The Stripes and Solids game is one of the most popular pool games played all across the globe. The history of the game runs back to 1900 when the game originally originated in the United States. It originated as a variation of a pyramid pool. 

The game is known by several names including eight-ball pool, 8-balls, stripes and solids, spots and stripes, highs and lows, and many more. The game is played on a billboard table that has six pockets, cue sticks, and sixteen balls. 

The balls contain seven solid-coloured balls, seven striped balls, one black ball, and one white ball. The solid-coloured balls are numbered from 1 to 7 while the striped balls are numbered from 9 to 15. A black ball is numbered 8. 

To play the game, the balls are scattered with the break shot, and the player is assigned with either the group of solid balls or the group of stripped balls. Once the player has pocketed all the assigned balls, he can finish the game by pocketing the black ball. However, the player needs to pocket the black ball in an assigned pocket to finish the game.

Professional ways to play Stripes and Solids

The game of Stripes and solids usually involves two players, a pool table, cues, and balls. There are other similar games like pool or billiards which are often used as an alternative to Stripes and solids. The underlying pointers discuss the professional tactics that you can implement in your game and head towards being a Master of this game. So let’s get started with the first aspect.

  • Form your stance: The main game remains in your hand as you need to focus on your posture and the way you stand while handling the cue. If you are a right-hander you need to keep your right leg straight and bend your left knee so you can bend yourself in a perfect alignment. Playing in this position will ensure you attain maximum accuracy. 
  • The grip on the cue: Your cue is your weapon in the game and thus it’s significant to ensure that you hold it right. The grip of the cue should be relaxed to make sure that no external pressure is applied while hitting the ball. But, you also have to make sure the grip is not too loose, that it can’t control the shot. 
  • Bridge Perfection: Bridge acts as a solid foundation to get to your target. But it should be loose enough to allow the cue to move swiftly. Playing with an open bridge is quite popular in different types of shots. 
  • Pause at the stroke: In Stripes and solids game, it is important to pause at the front and the back of the stroke. It allows you to assess the position of your cue and get your shot right. Further, it optimizes the chances of hitting the pocket with the target ball and ensures winning chances. 
  • Stop moving: When you are hitting the cue, you need to aim right and thus your body should be as steady as possible and only your arm should move only to aim the cue at the ball. It needs a lot of practice but this is the thing that will bring perfection to your game. Make sure your feet, hips, hands, and body are still. 

In addition to these aspects, practice is the only thing that will help you win the game. You need to make sure you play the game once you are thoroughly released. Stripes and solids is a fun game that can teach you patience and perfection and you can start playing easily on the GetMega app.

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