Friday, 14 Jun 2024

Should You Actually Play Rummy Online at Work?

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Is playing rummy online at work actually feasible and effective? The answer is yes. Contrary to what some may believe, taking a break at work and spending a few minutes playing rummy online, can actually result in increased productivity and better work performance.

For the nine to eight hours that we slog at work, our minds are constantly buzzing with stress and information. Playing rummy in such a situation, focusing our concentration at something different and recreational. This reboots our system, and fills us up with refreshing energy. So, playing rummy at work is surprisingly more effective and helpful than we give it credit for. All we need is good time-management skills.

Why playing rummy online at work is actually a good idea?

  • Serves as a distraction from stress

Naturally, workplaces can be pretty stressful. There are projects to be completed, deadlines to be met, endless conferences and meetings to be had. In such a situation, sitting on a desk for hours, and slogging away can be actually redundant and draining. In this situation, we can online play rummy  for a few minutes and use the much-deserved distraction. When our mind comes across a fun challenge, stress takes a back seat. The next time we are back at work, we suddenly have a refreshed mindset and motivation to work with.

  • Sparks up the cognitive abilities and creativity

Sometimes, it so happens that the growing pressure at work robs our minds of their inherent abilities and creativity. We stop responding well to critical situations because a burnt up mental state cannot possibly come up with new and creative solutions. In situations like this, a game of rummy can actually switch on the mind’s latent abilities back into action. We start analyzing and strategizing with better perspectives, which ultimately make us deliver better work.

  • Makes a boring day eventful

Sometimes, work might not be hectic at all. When there’s way less work, days become boring and dull. There is nothing much you can do to kill time anyway. A game of online free rummy can be exciting as we get to enhance our rummy skills. If we are feeling extra adventurous, we can also choose to play a game of cash rummy and test our skills. There are chances that we win some cash and rewards, which is far better than nothing at all.

  • Boosts self-confidence

When we play rummy continuously for a few days, we already imbibe some of the skills necessary to win the game. We become analytical, patient, observant, strategic, and efficient at handling tough situations. This instantly boosts our self-confidence which positively impacts our work performance. On a particularly bad day at work, a simple win in the rummy game is all we need. It can light up our mood and make us feel much more confident instantly.


So, we see that playing rummy at work is not inherently a negative thing. Time-management is key.  On a busy day, if we can find some time to reward ourselves with a recreational activity, the results are more often than not, positive and productive.