Friday, 14 Jun 2024

The Best Women For Marriage in Asia

Philippines women go crazy when they see a foreigner speak the native language well. If you can talk about the girl’s language or even better, if you can flatter her in her own language, you have the potential to be a living legend in your area. This is especially true for those foreigners living in smaller cities. For the Philippines dating, this is important for you.

Do your homework

Remember that beauty concepts change from one culture to another, and Asia is no exception. Before praising a girl’s appearance, you should do a little research on what they consider to be beautiful. Some of the basic things that all Asian girls focus on are being tall or having long legs, having a very white complexion, an almost triangular and narrow face where the main point is the chin, and long eyelashes. Therefore, praising any one of these four areas will surely be effective.

Avoid using prepared phrases

The prepared phrases never work. They were invented 100 years ago, and some first-timers still believe they will work today. There is nothing more ridiculous than stuffing women with cheesy phrases and doing it in a culture where they mean nothing, is even more inefficient. Avoid these kinds of phrases, jokes and sarcasm in general. Asian is not used to using or hearing this type of language, so they will not understand.

Avoid saying that she is funny

Avoid calling a girl “funny” as it has a negative Asian connotation. If she makes you laugh, you have to use the fifth tip and tell her she is “pretty”. In the case of Asian women dating, this is important.

Avoid talking about past relationships

When he asks how many girlfriends you’ve had, lie to him about the total number. Generally, Asian women are not looking for a date but a husband. Even what might be a small and insignificant date for you will be an opportunity for her to observe you and decide if you have good potential to be a long-term partner. If you are looking to get married, then telling him that you want to start a family and would very much like to have a couple of beautiful mongrel babies one day will make his heart melt. At this point, she will be yours, although she will still remain cautious.


The women of Central Asia are faithful to their husbands. Of course, in all the rules, there are exceptions. But overall, it is. Women from Central Asia consider the family a core value. And they do everything possible so that it is strong and friendly.