Wednesday, 28 Feb 2024

Is it time to upgrade from regular Office to Microsoft Office 365?

Ever since its launch, Microsoft Office 365 has taken the world by storm with its great feature set, along with their amazing set of updates. You can still use the regular Microsoft Office version if you want, but the truth is that it’s a bit behind the online, cloud based version named Microsoft Office 365. Which does bring the question, is this the right time to upgrade to Microsoft Office 365? And if so, what are the feature you should consider!

Is this the right time to update?

We think so, especially if you need access to the latest Office features and tools. Most of the latest updates and features are exclusive to Microsoft Office 365. So if you want to have access to them, then you will have to pay the yearly subscription. Thankfully, the subscription is not very expensive, and you are getting a solid return on investment. That’s why we think Microsoft Office 365 can be a solid option if you want to boost your productivity and gain access to all the latest features.

Access it from anywhere

One of the downsides of regular Microsoft Office is that you store documents locally. So if you are away, you can’t access your files. Microsoft Office 365 solves that by keeping all documents online. That means you can access them from anywhere and at any given time. It’s the ideal way to save time and also ensure you can work on your files at any given time.

It works seamlessly with existing programs

Microsoft Office 365 also has seamless integration and cohesiveness with the most important office programs. What that means is you never have to worry about a lack of information or consistency. You always get to access the services you need, while also saving a significant amount of effort and time.

Great collaboration tools

Another thing where Microsoft Office 365 excels is the fact that you can easily collaborate with other people fast and easy. It’s a system that focuses a lot on teamwork, which is not always the case with other office tools. But in this case, you can save time, communicate with others and make changes on the fly. That allows you to finalize your work quicker and without any issues.

It has great tutorials

If you think that Microsoft Office 365 might be overwhelming, we have some great news for you. You have a trial account to test things out, and there are a plethora of tutorials for Microsoft Office 365 as well. That means it’s very easy to learn the ins and outs of this tool, while also saving a lot of time. That way you never have to worry about any challenges or problems that can appear.

Online meeting features

Microsoft Office 365 goes beyond just giving you access to a few office tools. It also has support for calendars, online meetings, instant messaging, managing contacts and so on. All of these are crucial features that truly go to show the value you will receive from this type of systems. Plus, everything is suitable for large and small businesses alike. It’s fully scalable.

Easy to set up

Thanks to its online nature, Microsoft Office 365 is very easy to set up and adapt to your own requirements. That’s the great thing, you don’t have to worry about advanced setups or any crazy features. Instead, everything is adjustable and you will find it to work extremely well. You can finally focus on the desired features, and in the end the return on investment can be second to none.

Better security

Microsoft Office can be attacked by offline malware, and that is a major issue. Microsoft Office 365 has integrated anti-malware systems in place to ensure that your data stays safe and no one can access it. The last thing you want is to encounter any problems, and addressing that early on can make a massive difference. Just make sure that you use Microsoft Office 365 instead of regular Office, so you can avoid those unwanted attacks and diminish any issues that will sometimes be a problem from a business standpoint.


We think that upgrading to Microsoft Office 365 is one of the best ideas that you can have. It’s always an amazing opportunity to use the best tools on the market and you can buy genuine Microsoft Office 365 license online as well. Of course there are viable replacements you can make, and Microsoft Office 365 can help you do that while also keeping your data safe. The benefit is that Microsoft Office 365 can scale according to your business needs, it’s also easy to set up, and it covers the bases of all business operations. We highly recommend upgrading to Microsoft Office 365 if you’re a business, but also a regular user that values portability and security!